The Media Wins The Gold In Olympic Kim Crushing


The Mainstream Media fell in love with the sister of the most despotic tyrant on the planet. Their hatred for a GOP President and Vice President was so elevated that they consumed and regurgitated the propaganda of the North Koreans at the Olympics, to which their “Belle Of The Ball” Kim Yo Jong was responsible for in her role as Minister Of Propaganda and Agitation.

Former President Obama tries to magnify a portion of his ethnicity by hiring a homosexual Black Libertarian Activist Artists to create his Smithsonian Portrait. The results are stunning…and not a good stunning either.

NOTE: We want to remember and pray for the families of the victims of the Parkland, Florida School Shooting. By the time this show was produced, the horrific events occurred hours later and we were unable to provide our perspective on them.

Pray for Florida.

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