Liberal Tolerance In Their Own Words – Parkland Florida Shooting

While much of the nation was grieving on Valentine’s Day, along with those impacted by the tragic shooting of a Florida high school, the “Tolerant” Progressive Left was burning their finger tips off on their keyboards with utter vitriol. While we were “futilely” “thinking and praying” for those impacted, a barrage of mockery, condemnation, and outrage was pointed at those who don’t side with them politically.

Andrew Pollack was searching for his daughter. He posted a picture of her in hopes of having help in his search. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Mr. Pollack lost her daughter to the sick, depraved shooter’s gunfire. In the photo of Mr. Pollack holding his daughter’s photo, progressives on social media noticed something. Mr. Pollack was wearing a Trump Campaign T-Shirt. This allowed the compassion of the “tolerant” liberals to be purged and gave them the opportunity to kick a man while he was down over differences in politics. Sickening indeed.


Right on!

The Left has no shame, compassion, or even a heart. Thankfully, there were some commenting and illustrating just how absurd it is to attack someone who just lost their child to an untimely death simply over the type of shirt he was wearing.

Sadly, it truly is…


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