The Media Loves Them Some Kim Yo-jong

Winter Olympics is back! And with it are some new events. We have the “Shirtless Flag Bearer Gawking”

#MeTooMuch ?

We have the “racist coin toss”.

And we have the “Totalitarian’s Sibling Crushing”.

You think I’m reading too far into this? This is a Washington Post “Ja-Whore-nalist”

Yeah, Totalitarianism!

Who even needs a washed up Mikhail Gorbachev to gush over. We’ve got Kim Jong Un’s sister!!!

Can the Media freaking get off of Kim Jong Un’s sister, Please? #MeToo

Apparently, The media has an Asian Fetish. More importantly, an Asian Authoritarian Fetish.

Funny thing is Kim Jong Un, who the media think is “cute” and his Sister, who’s not all that hot but the media LOVE, has a similar haircut as Richard Spencer

The media will fawn over North Korea simply over their hatred for a GOP President. Or even Vice President.

While cnn believes Kim Yo Jong is “Stealing the show” her family is stealing the resources of North Korea for themselves.
Realize the tweets I’m linking took less than 30 sec to find…a lot of love for a Totalitarian’s sister.

This is oddly similar to the Media’s reception of Gorbachev in the 80’s, which led to the creation of the Rush Limbaugh “Gorbasam”. But the Progressive left-wing media did this with Fidel Castro. They LOVE totalitarian authoritarian rule! It gives them a woody! There is nothing new under the Sun. The media did this with Stalin.
It’s also why you have College dorms with Che Guevara Tapestries hanging from the ceiling while they’re doing bong hits…because their high and stupid.
The Media even praised Hitler.
Do you know who they never praised? Reagan. George H Bush. George W. Bush. Donald Trump.
See a pattern here? How about covering Otto Warmbier’s family.

Heck, they wouldn’t even praise Jesus on a Sunday morning.
Of course, the Progressives are infatuated with North Korea’s “charm offensive”, which is nothing more than American Media’s narrative building love affair with a despotic regime.

Even the North Korean News Parody Account makes more sense!

Let’s take a look at how that North Korean “charm offensive” is going.

this is how it usually ends with North Korea.


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