Apparently, The Glass Ceiling Hasn’t Broken For Female Dogs At Westminster. But Logic And Reason Has Been Broken!

If you ever thought to yourself, “Say. What would be the stupidest story that I could write today?” You probably wouldn’t have been able to craft such a masterstroke on a normal day these days.  But, you probably wouldn’t have been able to pole vault over today’s level of media stupidity. In keeping with the “Sandra Fluke Bank Busting Birth Control” war on women and the new #MeToo movement, we are now seeing reports of sexism in the world of competitive dog showing. Apparently, more male dogs win dog shows than female dogs.

But they don’t care. They’re dogs.

Here’s a portion of the article.

By contrast, most top male show dogs can keep competing for years, and it is no coincidence that they also win “Best in Show” in the prestigious annual competition far more often than females, breeders and handlers said as they prepared for this year’s show, which opens Monday, Feb. 12 in New York.

“Now she won’t show again, she’s done,” said Gail Miller Bisher, a spokeswoman for the Westminster Kennel Club, referring to Rumor. “But males can keep going. They can be used as stud and continue showing and keep their coat and keep their shape of body and all that.”

Female dogs, known in pure-bred circles as “bitches,” have snared Best in Show at Westminster 39 times since the award was first given in 1907. Males, known simply as “dogs,” have been victorious 71 times, almost twice as often.

A dog’s peak age for competition is 3 to 5 years old, which also happens to be prime breeding age for females, said Kimberly Calvacca, a professional handler and breeder from Westbury, New York.

Yeah, Here she is.


Again, the Twitterverse comes alive to bat the stupidity of the media down with Thor’s “Hammer of the Gods”

No Doubt!


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