The Media Explodes With Amazement Over Nancy Pelosi Filibustering For Eight Hours In High Heel Shoes

In the lead up to a possible government shutdown over the adoption of the recent budget proposal, Nancy Pelosi took to the house floor to filibuster in defense of Illegal Alien “Dreamers”. She spoke for a nauseating and coma inducing 8 hours. In between telling us about how her “Irish-Italian-whatever” 6 year old was wishing to have brown skin like his Guatemalan friend, Antonio, she also spoke for the need for a DACA proposal. A proposal that hasn’t been written yet. Unfortunately, we didn’t even get Nancy Pelosi’s reading of, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” during her filibuster.

She made sure to endure the physical riggers of speaking for eight hours and standing in 4 inch heels, in order to represent illegal aliens. She was sure to speak up for those who are demanding a government, which shouldn’t recognize or even humor their demands, deem them automatic citizens.

And she did this all without a bathroom break. Maybe she had a Porta-Jane? We’ll never know.

But, the media made sure to laud this event as the “most heroic and valiant” effort to happen in decades. Those who’ve ever questioned the media’s partisanship should take note. If you’ve ever wondered about the party loyalty of the media, it was on full display. They gush about being able to talk while standing in high heels for eight hours, after blasting the GOP President for emptying a box of fish food while feeding Coy Fish in japan. That pretty much sums it up.

Let’s peruse the Twitterverse and see the orgasmic disbelief of the media and the left over a lady talking for 8 hours while standing in heels.

Oh, and she’s 77 years old. I’m sure like most women, she wanted you to know that. And the left took those talking points and ran with them!

Again, file this story under: “Who really cares”.

Here’s a Nancy Pelosi Hip Hop Jam for your enjoyment.

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