Vote your conscience, Research your role in the Electoral College

I’ve come to my painstaking decision with regards to voting. Although we’re 25 days out, this election cycle has been like watching skin graft surgery performed on a burn victim. That’s even down to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th party candidates. Being that 2016 has been such a “gonad punting”, an election a few weeks out should be at “To Be Determined” status because we’ve seen that everything can change daily and instantaneously. For me, it’s still up for debate.

As we speak, I’m seriously considering voting for Evan McMullin, but not because of some of the interviews I’ve heard from him. It’s not because of his Constitutional understanding or of his conservatism either. Both of which is far more prevalent with him than any other candidate in the race. Unfortunately, his conservatism doesn’t rise to the level of a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, which were two of my preferred candidates. His views on immigration are a bit looser than desired. I don’t believe his support for TPP has been completely thought out, as he only views the Free Trade aspects of the bill and not the ceding of sovereignty that’s sown and fertilized deep within it. His stance of the Muslim Brotherhood having moderate annexes within its Sharia Activism leaves an acidic taste in my mouth. I believe, and I feel, as though Evan McMullin is a Marco Rubio lite: less calories, less filling but tolerable. At this point we are less finicky, because the restaurant is under new management and they’ve replaced all of our favorites on the menu with dung sandwiches and excrement salads. I want Evan McMullin to win a State. And it looks as though he may win Utah. I’d like to help him win a 2nd state. The last time a 3rd party candidate won ANY electoral state was George Wallace of the American Independent Party in 1968. I want to prove something to the Ted Cruz/Mike Lee types of the neglected and ignored grassroots wing of principled visionaries that reside within the imperial party of corruption and status quo. I’d like to show that a 3rd Party, if done correctly, can be a viable option on the future. A beginning of a long term strategy starting in 2020.

When we think of voting, we think of the “Mr. Ed Pummeled” phrase: Binary Choice. Your vote will either be for “The lesser of two evils” Republican VS. Democrat. On the surface, this is the reality. To the largely disengaged and uninformed, they will look at their presidential election as some sort of a popularity, “American Idol” contest. I can’t fault them for that, because that’s the way every presidential election cycle is sold to us. We have the one or the other candidate selection and we rush out to the polls as though our lives depended upon it. We go home, biting our nails with nervous energy. The results start trickling in on your favorite news network. Then the biased news networks begin trying to prematurely call the race based upon some “Ja-whore-nalist” hack with a microphone, standing outside of a voting station and asking people who are strolling out, “Who did you vote for?” And they’ll try to predict each state’s results extra early, dual time zones be damned! And when the final numbers come in, it’s either the post orgasmic chill of losing, or the celebratory roaring of a win. That’s basically the standard view point on election night.

But when considering my vote, I started to rethink it based upon the technical side of the Electoral College. Some voters may not have a choice outside of a binary one, especially in swing states. Luckily for me, I’m not in that “responsible” and pivotal situation. My District/City WILL go for Trump…with or without my vote. I know this, because my city has voted Republican in every single race for decades. That includes John McCain and Obama in 2008 and Mitt Romney and Obama in 2012…you can see how that worked out. Judging by the local conversations I have (or I have dropped in on) and the signage in every yard, this is verifiably true. And even with a building that now is sporting a homemade painted mural that says “Never Hillary” plastered on its side, along with a poorly crafted, giant Trump Train at an intersection a few miles from my home, it’s apparent who is causing the excitement in my town. But unfortunately, my State will go Hillary (also with or WITHOUT MY VOTE. Just want to make this clear to those who’ll assume “I’m with Jezebel”, as I’m clearly not) simply due to my state’s proximity to Washington D.C. The suburbs of Virginia, more specifically Fairfax County, are littered with Big Government Bureaucrats and employees. Their portion of the State decides our federal elections. So, my vote can go to something a bit more meaningful than “Lesser of 2 evils” drivel. I firmly believe a 3rd, New Party statement must be made to open the door to those who are sitting on the sidelines, hoping for someone to take the lead and start the avalanche. I want an independent candidate Electoral State win to be a blinding beacon for those looking for REAL change. The Whig Party didn’t implode in a quick, tidy pop and become the Republican Party over night? They went through some serious posterior birthing pains before they got there.

Now keep in mind we have a few things to consider. Along with voting for Evan “Head”, “McLovin’” McMullin, I’m also voting for 3/4th’s of the 50 state’s legislatures enacting Article V of the constitution, Convention of States. If “He” wins, we all win. Article V Convention of States MUST be in the organizational process, as it will need to be in play and able to move quickly when the flag drops to employ that option. It’s a methodical, slow dirge which takes a considerable amount of time to score and tremendously harmonious organization to perform. We need a strong wave of Constitutionalists in Congress in order to grind ANY Presidential powers to a halt. This impediment will include the stonewalling of any SCOTUS appointment in the Senate confirmation process, which has been the threat that has been a Magnum held to our head in demand for our vote to betray our principles. We also need to realize that if the 2016 congressional wave isn’t strong enough for this election, we can strengthen it in the 2018 midterms. Conservatives typically have always had the upper hand in midterm elections, due to the fact that simple civic engagement isn’t as sexy as the “big supreme leader” selection process.

Basically, to button everything up, the State Legislature races along with any Governor’s race will be crucial to be able to enact the Article V Convention of States. Be aware of who your candidates are. Google is an amazing tool, use it research your municipal and State candidates. The House of Representatives and Senate elections will be even MORE IMPORTANT than the Presidency, because it’s how we can stop whomever wins this morbid travesty called an election. This time around is already lost…because the Electoral College Polls are not looking good for the Great Tangelo “Livin’ Libido Loco” Nebuchadnezzar Reagan Vulgarian. On Election Day, be prepared to vote for back up, from the bottom up.


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