Ted Cruz Pivots to vote Trump, 80’s Metal can explain the Trump Phenomenon, 1st Debate Analysis

Anyone who follows any of my writings, podcasts, or even corresponds with me online knows around this time last year, we were filled with Hope. Obama’s presidency is finally in the sunset, in the rear-view mirror now. We had the opportunity to go “full bore”, and push ahead with a “Constitutionalist” (or even a conservative that understands its very importance) in a point in time where a correction of course back to our original direction is necessary. And then, the Trump “cult of personality”, pretend ‘outsider” phenomenon occurred. One by one, they all fell…some were already so close to the Progressive ideology that it wasn’t surprising that they did. Others made what seemed like small contradictory stances, like backing Mitch McConnell or making silly course changes such as flying to Florida for a change of drawers and then vilifying those trying to make sense of it all. And then, September 23rd happened.
Ted Cruz came out and said he’s voting for the Republican nominee. Now in my mind, his statements weren’t truly an endorsement, although people have made it out to be. Of course, the media is out there pretending as though he gave it a ringing endorsement, to which it wasn’t. It angered me at first, because I really wanted Ted Cruz to hold the line. I really wanted him to be “the example” of the part of the party, the grassroots,” that actually stood for something. The part of the party that doesn’t just “go along to get along”, because it’s what we’re supposed to do. If there was anything that I’ve learned in previous elections, which really came to the forefront and to fruition during this election primary process, was the fact that the Republican Party is “a private organization” and they will pick who they want to pick. When it came down to the final few candidates like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, & Donald Trump regarding the delegate threshold, Reince Pribus and the GOP establishment kept telling the mantra “well it’s a private organization we can do what we want!” Certainly it is, but you may also want to consider those of us that are a small part of the organization…those who you need to show up and vote for whichever candidate that you pick at your own volition. To sit there and say that we should all “fall in line” is insulting at best. Especially when I feel as though the party has left me and it is no longer my responsibility! I don’t need to fall in line, when there is a Constitutional Party (which has a limp and uninspiring candidate), there’s a Green Party (that has an Uber progressive socialist), there’s Libertarian Party (that’s been pushing candidates that aren’t even libertarian, as though they don’t even want the opportunity to win when it’s abundantly available to them), there are choices beyond the two party system. There’s even the Electoral College Independent choice, Evan “HEAD McLovin” McMullin (who has been interviewed and said that he was for a legal path to citizenship for his immigration stance).Obviously all those choices are awful, but they are choices. Could there be a possibility for a new choice? A new party of grassroots constitutionalist, who are looking to move in a different direction? One’s that would be able to control their own fate? The resources are available… As I’ve said in the earlier podcasts, the ability to connect to the average citizen through social media, through streaming…the ability to raise funding through now established Super PACs and even crowdfunding opportunities are all new options. Those are just a few examples of what’s available that didn’t used to be. But everyone seems to think we need to work from inside the Republican Party to reform it. So how do we do that? Well, we’ve already tried that and it was destroyed and the movement was shut down. The people responsible for it were ultimately vilified beyond recognition! So basically, it’s the establishment’s party. They get to pick who they want because it’s a private organization. And now we have to fall in line because we have the nominee and we all need to jump on board whether we like it or not. Look what Reince Pribus (Mr. Reince, douche, Repeat) said as a threat to the former presidential candidates?

“Look, people that agreed to support the nominee, who took part in our process…they used tools from the RNC, They agreed to support the nominee, they took part in our process. We’re a private party, we’re not a public entity. Those people need to get on board. If they’re thinking that they’re going to run again someday, I think we are going to evaluate the process of the nomination process and I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for them”
Was this the reasoning for Ted Cruz shift in position? Is he still looking to work from inside the GOP infrastructure in the future? When Ted Cruz put his statement out, it showed up in my email inbox. I really didn’t want to read it. Actually, I stayed away from it for quite a few hours. And then, I sat down to soak it all in. When I read it I noticed a few things. I believe by reading Cruz’s statement, to give support, he outlined each point and said “AND TRUMP PROMISED TO DO SO”. Now, where I thought Ted Cruz should’ve just kept his mouth shut, slipped off into the night, under the radar and allowed this election to go in the direction it’s going in, he thought differently. I can’t understand why he thought differently. There was absolutely nothing to gain from this position change. Those who aren’t Republicans, those who don’t understand the political landscape and don’t get their information from deep sources news already have a skewed view of Ted Cruz. I’m talking about those who take the headlines and sound bites from the nightly news. I’m not talking about the 24 hour cable news channels sources either. I’m talking about the “dinnertime, three major network nightly news” programs that are then proceeded by Hollywood tabloid new shows viewers. They’re opinion of Ted Cruz that he was some extremist, Tea Party Nut, Evangelical fanatic. They weren’t fans of his from the beginning. The Trump supporters, many of whom were cheering his hard line stances in Congress, have now changed their view of him and now say he’s as a liar and a “CUCK” (as term they like to throw around on a regular basis). Even though they would be more than willing to accept such a liar as a Supreme Court Justice Nominee, who would have to have the integrity to uphold the highest laws in the land…go figure? But now, after this pivot, the Ted Cruz supporters feel betrayed! Not only that, the Trump supporters who booed him for not endorsing at the RNC convention are now calling him a fraud for actually supporting him now! It’s a no-win! Now, everybody has to make their own decisions based on their own circumstances, obviously. For me, I’m in a unique position this election. Due of my proximity and location, I’m viewing it through the Electoral College. My District, City/County is going to vote Donald Trump whether I vote for him or not. Unfortunately, my State, due to extreme northern liberal counties on the outskirts of Big Government Washington DC, are going to push the State into voting for Hillary Clinton. So I can actually make the conscious decision to “vote my conscience” while not feeling as though I let the country down. But that’s my unique position. Others have decided that they have to make the decision between the two binary evils that are left by picking the one that will stop the other evil. And I get all of that. The problem is, politically speaking, I’m not sure how Ted Cruz recovers from this. I understand that he has prayed about it, he’s talk to his father and his wife, and has come to this decision. I can only imagine there was enormous pressure from donors, especially from those that helped him along on his campaign. And even though I feel that the GOP will not allow any second attempt by Ted Cruz to run for the presidency again, he feels as if his opportunity is to come around again, he should tie up the loose ends to make it possible. But, I do know that his statement makes a lot of “anti-deals” with Trump regarding Ted’s positions. Almost like a reverse deal, that stated “this is what I want, this is what I’m afraid of happening if Hillary wins, and this is what Trump has promised to do”. That list of Supreme Court justices better be stellar! So, when Trump caves, Cruz can call him on it and not look as though Cruz caved on his original pledge.
So what does this say for the remainder of the party? Does the GOP push out its grassroots? I mean the Democratic Party has embraced there is an allowed the socialist to overrun their party? They’ve purged the Jim Webb’s and Joe Lieberman’s. The John F. Kennedy Democrats of the past have been left behind as they moved on to their future. Time will only tell. Unfortunately, Ted Cruz is coming across as a typical politician. And although he may plan on working within the Republican Party, he’s going to have to cede some of his stances. This is ultimately the crux of my disappointment. Am I abandoning Ted Cruz? No. Just as I haven’t abandon rand Paul or Marco Rubio. Both have portrayed legislative fortitude and keeping things on the constitutional path. Have I abandon Scott Walker? No he still has the ability to move governing conservatism into the realm of the alligator and sharks, and weathering that storm without a bruise. But do I think Ted Cruz will be the facilitator of a principled new movement no I don’t think so anymore. Maybe I should’ve thought that from the beginning.
So how did we get here? If you follow me down a divergent rabbit hole, we can actually use a non-political, cultural, historical trend phenomena to use a basis of theory…80’s Glam Metal. From the beginning of Rock Music, the British invasion turned a style of music like Rhythm and Blues into a new, innovative style…something so fresh and liberating was delivered by the unique cultural phenomenon of the Beetle’s, much in the same way the Revolutionary War happened after the British settlements revolted. It led to the most innovative, unique, and liberating form government to ever exist. Now, they may not have been the first to mine that territory, just as there were many earlier settlements in the New World as well. But, they were the ones to do it RIGHT and led to an explosion. Of course, this led to the slow evolution within the rock and roll genre. From the 60’s crop of Crosby, Stills, and Nash/Jefferson Airplane/Jimi Hendrix, even the ‘Free Love” Hippy rock groups led to experimental rock styles and brought to life Led Zeppelin/The Doors/The Who/Black Sabbath groups, and even the Flashy Showmanship of KISS. This was a heavier rock evolution that was happening and the creativity continued. It moved into the 70’s Foreigner, Boston, Bad Company Rock where it was finding a comfortable footing. It eventually led to VAN HALEN. Now I focus on Van Halen here, not so much because of their place in some sort of Rock and Roll History, but more importantly, what was being cultivated in the future based on their style and sound. They took the edginess of those before them and combined it with pomp and circumstance, showmanship, and glamour. And THAT is where I’m going with this comparison to make this point. This is when the Record industry (think GOP Establishment) took the success of Van Halen and looked to replicate that to the furthest degree. This led to the 80’s Glam metal explosion. Def Leopard’s and late era Aerosmith which moved to Motley Cure’s and Poison’s, which led to Slaughter and Warrant, and begat Enuffz Enuff and Sleaze Beez…you know why you’ve never heard of them? Because they SUCKED. The market was oversaturated with the same old, same old. They’ve replicated the same premise to the point of exhaustion. It was hollow, shallow, and lost every bit of its roots and foundation. They looked the part, operated like a group should, but there was nothing below their surface, much like the RINO Republican Politicians. They look like Conservatives and say that they are, but beyond the surface they are bland and void of any foundation and surface. The 80’s metal 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wave groups were looking for the Record deal and to make the quick payoff, as the GOP does with its politicians and their relationship with the corporate world and the Establishment Party Machine. And while that was dominating the record industry and airwaves, there were a few things bubbling in the underbelly. In New York, D.C, and California, they were just railing against the trends. It was a grassroots effort – Hardcore and Punk. I’m talking the Ramones, Black Flags, Minor Threats, Misfits, Bad Brains, Agnostic Front, Dead Kennedys, JFA, 7 Seconds, Faction, TSOL…it was a movement that was just bashing the status quo. They made their own records and tapes, which were traded underground and word of mouth. They promoted their own shows with cut and paste, pencil drawn fliers. Some of it morphed into the late 80’s thrash metal, which was a combination of The New Wave of British Metal (like Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and Diamondhead) and Hardcore/Punk. It led to the Big Four of Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. The problem with that movement back then, more specifically the Hardcore and Punk movements (not so much the Thrash Metal offshoot) was the fact that it quickly imploded, because it wasn’t based on anything beyond anarchy and rebellion. If you don’t believe so, there are many documentaries where those involved in the scene directly will testify to this fact – down to Henry Rollins and even Ian Mackay. That’s not to say that it’s legacy didn’t endure, even to today. But this was similar to your fringe parties – Libertarian parties, green party et al. Parts of it also encompass the current Trump Phenomena of a “wrecking ball” mentality. There was no intention of breaking through into the mainstream at all. Now, later on another movement began bubbling in the Northwest. This is what I equivocate to the current grassroots. It was based on all of the aspects of the rock movements that we spoke of earlier. They were ignored and neglected, to the point where they made their own ways similar to that of the Hardcore/Punk movement. They used styles that were popular and tried and true. The core principles of Rock that made it great in the past were the focus, but they were ideas not popular in the late 80’s. And many of those began to see success. The saturated, record company dominated corporate rock couldn’t hold down many of these groups, although their initial success was limited. The people were yearning for something different and real! They were thirsting for substance and something that wasn’t bound to the Corporate Record Industry Establishment.
But then, 1992 came along. Much like the Trump Phenomenon, Nirvana appeared from the Pacific Northwest. Their styling and sound were taking parts of what was defining that scene, but added the rebellious edges of punk and hardcore, even some experimental noise rock. They pierced through the grassroots movement that was building. The explosion of popularity hijacked the scene that spawned Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and ended up redefining the movement, arguably to something it wasn’t originally based upon even though it was very appealing. The continual popularity wave built, because the people were yearning for something different in a field of surface only, hollow, empty Corporate Record Company ideas that were expected to always work. And the 80’s Glam metal Status Quo despised this movement. Nirvana kept rebelling against the system. Unconventional and brash, they didn’t play by the typical rules. They would go on American Bandstand type dance shows were they were instructed to pretend to play their instruments to a music track, like many of the other groups have done. Only, they decided to throw and destroy their instruments instead of complying. They would appear on late night talk shows and when the host would announce their song choice, they would switch it last minute to the most raucous, non-radio friendly song in their catalog. And that was hilarious and refreshing to see. But eventually, that scene to end up slowly dying. The once anti-establishment outsiders became the insiders. And eventually, Nirvana too were taken and exploited by the Record Industry “Establishment”. Many were falling for the trappings of Rock and Roll lifestyle excesses, much like the 80’s Glam Metal Scene did. Quite a few were overdosing and dying because of it, much like the somewhat principled Republicans are ceding principles and succumbing to a career suicide. Nirvana ended up imploding on the death of its founder. Some, like Pearl Jam (much like the Ted Cruz of the scene) fought parts of the system to their detriment, like Pearl Jam’s fight against Ticketmaster, and paid a price for standing on their principles. But the force that Nirvana was riding on suddenly ended on the death of its founder. The supporters were left brokenhearted and dismayed when their idol killed himself and left them with nothing. Ultimately, Rock and Roll died that too, for an extended number of years. But the Establishment remained and moved on. They moved to another tried and true trend…which brought about the 90’s and early 2000’s version of 80’s pop. The yearning by the public for something new and different is sometimes good. But what is it based on? Currently, the plastic, surface based majority of politicians with a complete lack of substance have over-saturated “the scene”. Do we want that rebellious explosion that sounds so sweet but eventually destroys itself in the end? Or do we want that substantive, principled, roots oriented type that adheres to what made things great from the very beginning. This, to me explains why there are the Trump movements and the Never Trump grassroots movement, all housed within the same party with the Establishment.
So, who made their case in the first debate? Trump didn’t take long to fall back into his classic snarkiness. He started with the “teleprompter persona” he’s been riding on, but that all went to pot after the first 5 minutes. He had more chances than Mitt Romney did to crush his opponent, back when Romney refrained from launching into Obama over Benghazi when he had the opportunity sitting right in front of him. I even remember yelling at the T.V. during that debate screaming, “WHAT ABOUT BENGHAZI???” Trump left four times the opportunities all over the stage floor. We didn’t have any criticism of Obamacare, no vilification of the Clinton foundation, complete absence of Immigration policy, and we didn’t hear him dig further into the email issue…it was tossed into his LAP, but he allowed Hillary to shift the focus to his tax returns. In turn, he would defend himself by shifting to his personal success and touting his wealth. Now, as a licensed tax professional as myself, there is nothing wrong with utilizing the available deductions afforded to a person or a company, even down to constructing future financial decisions according to what is allowable in the tax code IS SMART business. But after that detour, he was given the opportunity to revisit Hillary’s email issue and it just dissipated. He carried the Left’s positions with government assisted childcare and forcing businesses to return to America (which isn’t constitutional AT ALL). He has serious Free Trade issues. It’s one thing to be against NAFTA & Trans Pacific Partnership (to which I vehemently am as well in respect to T.P.P.), but enacting higher tariffs on other countries will not solve this issue. His furthering of the narrative of removing gun rights to those who are placed on the No-Fly list with no actual due process, even the stop and frisk measure that also thumbs its nose at probable cause, is not Constitutional. Keep in mind, those critical of Trump realize that Constitutionality isn’t in his card catalog of “go to” answers for solutions. That is the fulcrum of the Cruz supporter’s concern with Trump. To top it off, he admitted that he didn’t pay contractors for services because they didn’t do a good job. He even based it on the premise of it being “the laws that were available to him and that they should change them”. REALLY? How does that play to those that view him as a “Working Businessman, outsider” and not smear him as another Crony Capitalist that Hillary’s supporters (more importantly the few Bernie supporters and Millennials who support cause based, philanthropic businesses) already distrust…more big self-centered corporate business? Now, He did connect with the average working class American, who doesn’t know the intricacies of why America is in this scenario. The people who are tired of government infringement, a stunted economy, and want to burn the system down because the reinforcements that have been elected by them during the various mid-terms and for what was expected in 2012 as a shoe in, based upon historical precedents, have all jumped in the bed with the establishment and joined in the game instead of fixing it. But he really sounded disconnected to the youth, especially when his “Granddad who doesn’t even know how to use the universal remote control” side comes out and says that his 10 year old runs rings around him with computers WHILE DISCUSSING THE RUSSIAN & CHINESE HACKS!
Hillary, on the other hand, sounded like an unauthentic robot. Scripted and really awful with her cute “Trumped up trickle down” comments. “I have a feeling I’m going to be responsible for every bad thing by the end of the debate…HA, HA, HA.” SO TRITE AND FORCED. Her socialist giveaway bucket list was pandering to the Socialist Bernie wing of the party. Paid family leave sick time and scheduling time off? Is this an Affordable Universal Government Human Resource plan? She wants to force businesses into providing mandatory profit sharing…for the workers. This is exactly like the Communist platform, which already centers on giving everything to the “workers”. When is it ever the Government’s responsibility to tell a business if or when they should provide profit sharing plans? That is an economic decision by the company for the good of its employees or based upon whether they can viably allow one to exist. It is an actual hefty business expense to retrain or hire new employees due to excessive turnover. So, they may create one as a way to retain employees and reward loyal ones for the work they provide to the company. It is NOT the government’s decision to force a business to provide a portion of their profits through coercion. So, the communist agenda is thick with Hillary. The fact that she eluded to the demand for Obama’s birth certificate and questioning his citizenship as a racial slur was completely ridiculous. Of course, Trump spun that as an ancillary service to the public as it put the argument to bed…much like he did to Ted Cruz, another laughable assertion. Knowing what we know about Hillary, she did nothing to reinstall and reinstate any shred of Trust with the people.
Most of what Hillary stated could be laughably mocked, because the standard she was seeking to uphold, she has desecrated herself just months earlier. A few mocking responses I had, in regards to her comeback on saying that flying all over the world & negotiating deals was a show of Stamina, was “Look, until you make a toy reset button, put the wrong word on it & hand it to our adversary, then we can talk stamina”. Regarding her explanation as to how the relations with Police should be handled “The lady from the party that hates the police is going to tell us how we should fix the police?” Hillary even grilled Trump by saying “who do you owe money to?” To which I thought “Who does Trump owe money to? Who does Hillary owe favors to from other countries at the expense of National Security?” Whenever Trump would make a point against Hillary, she had this inauthentic, “Hey, there fact checkers! No more joshing or Tom Foolery…it’s time get to work”. It was agonizing. In fact, the same lady that is RESPONSIBLE for Media Matters propaganda peddled her website as a fact checker forum. That’s like going to the swamp to drink clean water. The problem is she stayed steady. She sounded coherent and barely shaken. Trump had the opportunity to destroy her, but he never took it to the level as he did with the Primary debates, more importantly how he handled Jeb, Rubio, and even Ted Cruz. That, to me is very telling…like I’ve said before, what would happen if Trump melted down on the 5 yard line? What does it do to his supporters & the GOP? Keep watch on that scenario. When Newt Gingrich said that Trump had an opening to take her down, but looked over at Chelsea and refrained from doing so, and that was a PLUS? That should indicate some connection to the Clinton/Trump relationship of the past…maybe that’s why Donald donated to Hillary?

My final summation on this debate: There is absolutely nothing inspiring from any of these candidates. I don’t get a glimmer of hope at all


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