Election Day…Thank GOD for Article V

Today is Election Day. We go into the final days learning that Hillary Clinton is going to be rectified and admonished of all wrongdoing over her emails from a private server…Again. You know, that personal server that sidesteps Freedom of Information Act requests and resides in a bathroom in a remote location in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The hard drives that she said she wiped…like, with a rag…Using bleach bit? The devices that were REALLY cleaned when they were decimated and had the snot beat out of them into dust with hammers. The emails that possibly have information on them as to how the Clinton Foundation received money from selling uranium to Russia. Email’s that could show money received from Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the Foundation to allow Qatar and Saudi Arabia to fund ISIS in order to topple the Leader of a country, simply to clear a way for a freaking oil pipeline. Allowing a cancer of fundamentalists run roughshod at the expense of the lives Syrian Christians and Muslims who simply lived in the wrong part of the world…who had to witness family members be slaughtered by evil butchers. The same classified information entrusted to the highest cabinet level, foreign liaison who is the 4th in line of succession to the Presidency of the United States. Classified information that, if mishandled by a lower grade military officer, would’ve caused them to been put in the brig for years simply by allowing unauthorized disclosure.

She’s up against her former donor and Supporter. The same gentleman who invited his rival to attend his wedding. The same guy who had golf outings with her husband and former President…who have daughters that are still BFF’s? That’s where we’re at. And Hillary’s bullet dodging of federal law enforcement is the reason why we do not like socialism, because those who are in investigative positions of power will look the other way if their side is the side under investigation. It’s why you do not allow the people at the top “impose and regulate CEO salary caps”…as a liberal classmate once proposed. It doesn’t work because the regulator’s salaries will exceed the salary caps because they’re getting paid to oversee and regulate the salary caps. They will get the kickbacks from those who can afford to pay for influence and favor to procure their own exemption from the regulators.

So, on one side, you’ve got the Hillary supporters. They will make the decision to vote big government status quo. They are the electorate that has been brainwashed, from higher education universities all the way down to public schools through curriculum built by socialist bureaucrats. The ones who look like a prepubescent versions of the Brawny paper towels guy. The one’s who want to go to Bumbershoot to see Mumford and Sons, because it’s a festival that “gives its proceeds and help BACK to the community” and to support “the arts”. They’re not sure whether they should fly there or not, because they can’t calculate the correct number of pine seedlings needed to offset the carbon footprint of a round trip flight. So, it looks like they maybe might be driving their Subaru Outback, the LGBTQRS vehicle of choice…crying about how he hasn’t gone hiking in a while in road trip conversations, passing up on ordering the Free Range Chicken entrée of the day on the menu at the Vape Lounge in favor of the Organic Kale Salad, because they doesn’t eat anything that has a face (vegan tool)…but they won’t be eating the corn salsa…that might be from Monsanto. They saw how evil they were on a Netflix Documentary. And they won’t be ordering the eggs either! In fact, they’ll be going into a restaurant YOU’RE dining at, interrupting your meal to excoriate you for doing so:

I bet Snow, the social justice warriors pet chicken that she blasted the restaurant for serving  would’ve made a great addition to my family…of entrees. I would have liked snow…with garlic & herbs, side of Monsanto Corn, Sodium Laced Fries, and a 42 OZ Sugar laden, NY outlawed Soda. And so, the fight to correct our selfish, capitalist injustices marches on. Let’s continue to worry about how many lumens our freaking light bulbs put out because it might melt one square foot of an iceberg in the Arctic Circle that a polar bear will be able to cling to! That bear have to use his natural ability to swim 5 miles to the next one that hasn’t been defiled by the emissions from your SUV in order to make it to the casting call for the cute lovable Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial this year. And while I’m trying to figure out which car is acceptable to drive around in, I’m also having to worry about which Halloween costume I can dress up in! Don’t dare dress like a pilgrim and Indian… you’ll send 35 Ivy League college students crying to their safe spaces, just like the 1970’s public service announcement commercial with the Native American shedding a tear over the trash you threw out the side of your friggin GMC Pacer.

The same people who charge us as being Science deniers. They deny the Science of conception while touting the “Science” of Climate Change…which has been shown to be fraudulent at best. In effect, these enlightened fools have advocated for the streamlining accessibility of eliminating that kicking & moving “clump of cells” while complicating your ability to dispose of your trash…requiring you to select from between 8 separate waste containers, with instructions on which type is allowable for each container at your nearest Whole Foods. They over-complicate your choices of household waste disposal by mandating you to have 6 different trash bins, to which 6 different types of trash trucks are providing a 12 hour symphony of noises, back up signals, and let’s not forget the emissions that are supposedly being reduced by driving your semi-electric hybrid vehicle, that cost a ton and never economically made sense to purchase, if your motivation for purchasing one was to save on fuel.

These are the Hillary supporters who are also college kids who believe Voter ID is”Racist”. These college kids come across even more entitled and racist in their explanations as to why it’s racist. Then, when they interview the assumed recipients of Voter ID racism, they are dumbfounded by their explanations and prove that the entire argument is utter crap! They whine and complain that safe, innocent fixtures of Americana, such as The Beach Boys, are the epitome of White Privilege, as Music critic Ben Ratliff did (This from The Blaze):

But time and social change have been rough on the Beach Boys. Their best-known hits (say, “California Girls,” “Help Me, Rhonda,” “I Get Around”) are poems of unenlightened straight-male privilege, white privilege, beach privilege. It is hard to imagine that they helped anyone toward self-determination or achieving their social rights.

That’s not the Beach Boy’s Gig…to aid in Self-Determination of achieving social rights via 4 part harmony. And beach privilege…not sure what that is, actually. It must be those darn coastal appropriation advocates who used their imperialist privilege to procure all of the available property on the coasts…public access beaches be damned!

They talk of taxes as an investment. Taxes are “An Investment”? WTF? Can you say they’re also a “Penalty”??? So, if I buy an Electric Car and get a Tax Credit, am I taking investment away?? They justify this by saying, “why not forgo that cup of Starbucks latte in favor of paying a little bit more for investment?” How charitable of you…to be charitable with other people’s money. The Hillary electorate.

Every bit of what I laid out gives fuel to the Trump electorate. They are fed up and want to get “Limp Bizkit at Woodstock’ and “Break Something”. The problem is all of the friendly fire they are exhibiting. They are angry with the establishment of the Republican Party that was supposed to be fighting for them. The problem is, they cannot discern between who the freedom fighting, grassroots are from the RINOs. They not only want to through the baby out with the bathwater, they want to through the tub out with the toys in it. The problem with that is that you can’t exist in a home with no actual plumbing…you might be able to, but it’s going to be extremely difficult to do…and the left already wants to outlaw your copper pipes, so you’re doing them “A Solid”.  They know they want things “Fixed”, but they don’t have a deep enough understanding to know that a simple change of a President isn’t going to repair all of the damage that the left has caused over the last 8 years. They are willing to wage war on their side’s congressional majority, more importantly the Senate, while complaining about how the wrong President will be responsible for the appointment of up to 4 Supreme Court Justices during their term. They lose the irony that Trump’s crucial court appointments will all be “Robert Borked”, knocked out completely by a Swamp Drained Senate. This election is not the time for Congressional Pruning and trimming. Save that for the 2018 mid-terms. The pitchfork wielding Republican electorate wants to destroy the other side SO MUCH, that they will back the loudest, most obnoxious candidate to do the job. But additionally added to their lack of civics and Governmental awareness, the videos and pictures of the Rock Show Size Trump rallies do not translate to Electoral College Delegates. As of today’s recording – it’s not looking too good for Trump. Giving Trump Nevada (even though they say he’s losing there, but the average polling has him up by .6) and giving him New Hampshire (which I actually think Clinton is barley pulling) and Florida to Clinton because she’s just barely ahead there as well, it comes down to Clinton 295 VS Trump 240. Even if I leave everything as is and move Florida over to Trump, he still only gets 269. He needs Florida, NC, Nevada, & New Hampshire plus some additional Hillary State. Even though the rallies are slam packed like an overpriced Beyoncé or Adele concert, it doesn’t turn into States counts and delegates. WE don’t have a National election, but a collection of State Elections that decide our president.

So there you have it…two different views of America! If you inherently feel that people are stupid, can’t provide for themselves, and you have no faith in a higher power then you believe government should do it all and will be voting for Hillary to make that happen. If you believe that the individual should be responsible for their choices & consequences of mistakes, then I see it from your side!!

So are we simply screwed because of the options at hand for electing the next leader of the free world? I’ll give you some hope…The Convention of States. I’ve mentioned in previous podcasts that I’m voting for Article V tomorrow. To make that happen, you MUST look at conservatizing your State Legislatures. That means that even further down the “down ballot” consideration is needed to make this happen. So what is the “Article V convention of states”? Typically, congress – 2/3rds of both houses, are needed to propose amendments to the Constitution. That’s how it normally happens. But reading on, “OR on the application of the legislatures of 2/3rds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments…shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of this constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of 3/4ths of the several states or by conventions in 3/4ths thereof.” So the States can “break the glass, pull the fire alarm” on an overreaching federal government, which we clearly are witnessing. Now, this has been in the organizational stages for some time…at least since we found that no one was planning to impeach President Obama. They conducted a simulation on September 23, 2016 in Williamsburg, VA. Here are the results: The overview, mission statement of the event was, “The Convention respectfully submits these proposals to the American people with the conviction that they are a sound beginning to a critically-needed national discussion about restoring the balance of power between the federal government and the states. Further, it is the conviction of this body that the states must deliberate and adopt appropriate proposals for a balanced budget amendment and an amendment to provide the states a means to serve as a check on judicial overreach by the federal judiciary of the United States.”

  • Fiscal Restraints Proposal 1:

o   SECTION 1. The public debt shall not be increased except upon a recorded vote of two-thirds of each house of Congress, and only for a period not to exceed one year.

o   SECTION 2. No state or any subdivision thereof shall be compelled or coerced by Congress or the President to appropriate money.

o   SECTION 3. The provisions of the first section of this amendment shall take effect 3 years after ratification.

  • 45 – Support, 3 Opposed, and 2 abstained
  • Federal Legislative & Executive Jurisdiction Proposal 1:

o   SECTION 1. The power of Congress to regulate commerce among the several states shall be limited to the regulation of the sale, shipment, transportation, or other movement of goods, articles or persons. Congress may not regulate activity solely because it affects commerce among the several states.

o   SECTION 2. The power of Congress to make all laws that are necessary and proper to regulate commerce among the several states, or with foreign nations, shall not be construed to include the power to regulate or prohibit any activity that is confined within a single state regardless of its effects outside the state, whether it employs instrumentalities therefrom, or whether its regulation or prohibition is part of a comprehensive regulatory scheme; but Congress shall have power to define and provide for punishment of offenses constituting acts of war or violent insurrection against the United States.

o   SECTION 3. The Legislatures of the States shall have standing to file any claim alleging violation of this article. Nothing in this article shall be construed to limit standing that may otherwise exist for a person.

o   SECTION 4. This article shall become effective five years from the date of its ratification.

  • 44 – Support, 6 – Opposed
  • Federal Term Limits & Judicial Jurisdiction Proposal 1:

o   No person shall be elected to more than six full terms in the House of Representatives. No person shall be elected to more than two full terms in the Senate. These limits shall include the time served prior to the enactment of this Article.

  • 35 Support, 12 Opposed, 3 Abstain
  • Federal Legislative & Executive Jurisdiction Proposal 2:

o   SECTION 1. The Legislatures of the States shall have authority to abrogate any provision of federal law issued by the Congress, President, or Administrative Agencies of the United States, whether in the form of a statute, decree, order, regulation, rule, opinion, decision, or other form.

o   SECTION 2. Such abrogation shall be effective when the Legislatures of three-fifths of the States approve a resolution declaring the same provision or provisions of federal law to be abrogated. This abrogation authority may also be applied to provisions of federal law existing at the time this amendment is ratified.

o   SECTION 3. No government entity or official may take any action to enforce a provision of federal law after it is abrogated according to this Amendment. Any action to enforce a provision of abrogated federal law may be enjoined by a federal or state court of general jurisdiction in the state where the enforcement action occurs, and costs and attorney fees of such injunction shall be awarded against the entity or official attempting to enforce the abrogated provision.

o   SECTION 4. No provision of federal law abrogated pursuant to this amendment may be reenacted or reissued for six years from the date of the abrogation.

  • 43 Support, 5 Opposed, 2 Abstain
  • Fiscal Restraints Proposal 2:

o   SECTION 1. Congress shall not impose taxes or other exactions upon incomes, gifts, or estates.

o   SECTION 2. Congress shall not impose or increase any tax, duty, impost or excise without the approval of three-fifths of the House of Representatives and three-fifths of the Senate, and shall separately present such to the President.

o   SECTION 3. This Article shall be effective five years from the date of its ratification, at which time the Sixteenth Article of amendment is repealed.

  • 33 Support, 14 Opposed, 3 Abstain
  • Federal Legislative & Executive Jurisdiction Proposal 3:

o   Whenever one quarter of the members of the United States House of Representatives or the United States Senate transmits to the President their written declaration of opposition to any proposed or existing federal administrative regulation, in whole or in part, it shall require a majority vote of the House of Representatives and Senate to adopt or affirm that regulation. Upon the transmittal of opposition, if Congress shall fail to vote within 180 days, such regulation shall be vacated. No proposed regulation challenged under the terms of this Article shall go into effect without the approval of Congress. Congressional approval or rejection of a rule or regulation is not subject to Presidential veto under Article 1, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution

  • 42 Support, 5 Opposed, 3 Abstain

Obviously, we need to get familiar with our State Legislature Choices to enact Article V to save the Republic. Any that are running in State elections along with those who are municipal candidates with aspirations of moving to the state level should be thoroughly researched. We also need to be aware that if we “drain the swamp” of RINOS in this election, court appointments are going to be impossible. We are going to be in a dire situation if we have a Republican President and a Democrat Congressional majority, especially in the Senate.  Research who is a Conservative in your district and focus on voting the “Down Ballot”. We need Article V on deck and we need to have a Senate a majority to effectively save the next four years.

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