How We Move Forward

With the election, the inauguration installation, and the 17 damaging Executive Orders, I keep hearing the question, “How do we move forward?’ I believe I have a hunch as to which way we, as conservatives should move. We need a local ground game. It must be strategic in its approach. Although we need to all be involved in local politics, we need to triage the ground game nationally. Election integrity needs to be addressed and restored before 2022 comes into view. Believe it or not, this can be corrected in a handful of counties in a few swing states. We should start in these areas in order for it to be reformed and flipped back away from the Marxist’s control quickly. It’s not as perilous as people have made it out to be.  

We must focus on local and state governance. Municipal and State elections, along with activist organizations of neighbors and citizens need to be formed. Those must maintain the pressure of upholding the constitutional framework of both the State and how it reflects in tandem with the federal level. We need to make it a priority with fixing the election integrity in six pivotal counties, as we focus on local elections and local domination in our own backyards. Those six counties are: Fulton County in Atlanta, Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania, Wayne County in Michigan, Milwaukee County in Wisconsin, Maricopa County in Arizona, and Clark County in Nevada. Why do they need the most attention? Those six counties flipped their respective states, which impacted the electoral college. If you fix the battlefield in the short term while building a strong foundation, you can fight on a level playing field. Repairing the electoral process should be of utmost importance in the overall, along with a local ground game nationally.   

This is actually how the Soros backed movement flipped the script. He weaponized federalism, by focusing on state and municipal elections. Attorney’s General’s races, District Attorney races, and Mayoral races were the fulcrum of their strategy. It’s how they leveled the playing field this past year for the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” strategy under the guise of Covid19 protection. That should show that there is an obvious strategy that needs to be deployed to rebuild a conservative movement from the ground up. And remember, a Presidential Election was never meant to be this consequential, right Mr. Washington?   

The other question I hear is, “Should we form a new party?” This is a bit more difficult to answer. Many want to keep a GOP/DNC paradigm because of “splitting the vote.” But, we have to consider a couple of key items. As far as branding goes, GOP is completely tarnished. Leadership position are tough to clinch. Any seat at the table is left with very little room for reformation. Keep in mind, their grip on internal party power is extremely tight. You’re seeing this with the fight against Trump leading the party and their turncoat rejection of him the moment he was unseated. Let’s not forget that they took the same approach with the Reagan Revolution. They also did this with the Tea Party Wave of 2010/2012. They will snuff out and destroy any internal uprising building from within the party. They also fully control the financial streams and the party purse. Not to mention they control established political party infrastructure as well. That’s the other excuse for maintaining the GOP/DNC paradigm status quo, it’s existing infrastructure. Ideally, building a coalition internally to provide pressure from within the party seems to be the most advantageous method overall. But let’s also realize that at a certain point, much like the Whig Party in it’s day, the GOP may need to die on the vine. That may be painful for a while, with regards to national elections. But, that may also be the bitter pill that needs to be swallowed. Consider party affiliation on your local levels. Many seem to be nonexistent with your local candidates. Quite a few of them claim to be independents. So, if a new party is required, building it at the local level would also be the route to follow. Growing talented patriots who could move to higher levels of government could be cultivation. There just aren’t enough Chip Roy’s, Thomas Massies’, Mike Lee’s or Ted Cruz’s to make an impact within the current party.   

New movements grow quickly with great branding, attractive messaging, and solid positions and principles. Think of how Ross Perot’s Reform Party solidified so quickly. He was speaking the language of those who weren’t being spoken to in the body politic. And his movement, while it did end fairly quickly, it rose quickly as well. Even the likes of a WWE wrestler, such as  Jessie “The Body” Ventura won a Governorship under the Reform Party. We can debate as to whether or not it was a movement that was designed to persevere or if it was created as political wedge against the Bush family. Just take a gander at the history of Ross Perot and George H. Bush. There was hardly any love loss between them. However, that doesn’t negate the ability of an effective rise of a political party, outside of the mostly two tiered paradigm we reside in. Yes, we have other political parties, such as The Libertarian Party. After decades of organization though, they have yet to take themselves seriously enough to move any needles. I do believe that if Donald Trump wanted to create and push a movement, while also being a political thorn in the side of the GOP, he could do it pretty effectively. With Trump’s national ID, he has a helluva lot more impact and draw than a Ross Perot. He has won over a considerable amount of conservatives based upon his record of governing. He was able to draw converted Democrats, wo are disaffected with their former party’s move towards Marxism. And he has also taken a swath of formerly politically dormant citizens who just want to maintain a sovereign nation, protected by a patriotic Chief Executor. All things considered, we have to come to grips with a hard truth. Either we keep supporting the likes of the Nancy Mace’s, electing them under one pretense only to have them sell us out to the establishment. Or we build something strong, locally, and vet our own. And another change needs to be that the next candidate for President needs to not only give us platform positions, but they must also lay out who the core of their cabinet team will be. We need to vote for a team, not just a President.


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