There Will Be No Return To Status Quo Republicanism

In the most recent edition of the “more conservative than thou” publication The Dispatch, everyone’s favorite Middle East burning War hawk penned an Op-ed on the path forward for conservatism. John Bolton’s latest take opines on how the Conservatives Future Requires Optimism and ConfidenceHow the GOP can regain the voters Trump alienated, but also keep those whom he attracted.” Of course, this is from the same conservative smart set that believes President Trump should concede the election before many States have even certified their votes. While they ignore the statistical abnormalities and odd vote counting behaviors of many polling stations on the night of, and days following the election, we are instructed by them to accept a defeat. This is mainly from the clique of “Buckley Bros”, who routinely tighten up their bow ties while musing about important things such as the Chevron Doctrine and Stare Decisis. You know, “important issues”, such as those that cause the voters to flock to candidates in droves to support. And when they do find themselves in the occasional position of political victory, they govern as an impotent, elderly man who is engaging in Kama Sutra: They tried so hard, but just could not get the job done.

They fail to recognize that those whom Trump attracted are never going to reside with these individuals politically. They want results and want representatives willing to fight for them just as hard as the left does for its authoritarian desires. “Conservative Inc.” never seems to want to engage on that level.

What is worse was how they handled their endorsements in the 2020 election cycle. They vocally shunned the candidate who supported life in the womb and tax cut policies, in favor of a party leaning towards an overreaching and bureaucratic leviathan. They even went so far as to lobby the public at large to vote against the two GOP Senate candidates in the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff elections. And with the Democrat Party (I refuse to call them Democratic) embracing full strength, dark brewed Marxism/Hegelism, it would seem odd that those clamoring for “true conservatism” would support a party that longs to consolidate power and eliminate their political opponents, Constitution be damned. But lets remember, they did this with “The Gipper”, Ronald Reagan.

The republican establishment was against him as well. From the Washington Post:

The entire Republican establishment tried to prevent Reagan from becoming the party’s presidential nominee. 

Let’s also not forget that they even backed John Anderson, a 10 term congressman, to run as a third party candidate. He only received 7% of the vote. Can we all say, “Who is Evan McMullin?”. It is even more laughable when statements like these are made by Mr. Bolton:

“Remember, for example, his diktat at an April 13 coronavirus briefing: “When somebody’s the president of the United States, the authority is total, and that’s the way it’s got to be.” An unvarnished Trumpism, made in Trumpian style, and utterly contradictory to American conservative thinking.”

The party of blacklists and canceling the lives of private citizens over their political support is endorsed by these same “stalwarts.” Their hypocrisy is like a failing Covid ventilator: breathtaking.

What these self-proclaimed “astute thinkers” fail to recognize is that Trump did not hijack conservatism. The constituents, constantly ignored and looked down upon (as Rick Wilson with the Lincoln Project claimed as being illiterate and mathematically inept), moved into a coalition of their own inside of the Republican Party. And just as the GOP Establishment donned their 3 piece sheep suites in order to devour the burgeoning Tea Party movement in 2012, they feel emboldened to attempt a return to glory days. They want to turn the bus around and pull the steering wheel off. What they fail to realize is that Donald Trump was “a Sampson”, put into place in order to swing around his “jawbone of an ass around” in the government chambers. The established columns were all meant to fall. The Tea Party tried it the old fashion way, by flipping GOP dinosaurs at primaries. After that attempt became fruitless, the opportunity to take a heavy-handed approach presented itself. Hence you have Donald Trump as President. For the “Grand Ole Party” to assume it can memory hole the last four years and go back to being the “old party” is to be completely naïve. But they are sure going to try, even if it means supporting the theft of an election and the desecration of it’s integrity.

Mr. Bolton, without any self-awareness, goes on to say:

With Trump’s efforts now defeated in fact, if not yet in his imagination, what comes next? One immediate project is producing documentation analogous to the Black Book of Communism, to serve as a definitive refutation of Trump’s extravagant, unsubstantiated claims of “stealing the election.” Such a work will not convince all conspiracy theorists, but we need an authoritative, even encyclopedic, recital of the truth for future use.”

Espousing all of this while supporting an opposing party that has condensed itself down to a caramelized, communist reduction. The movement back to status quo Republicanism is why that party is completely broken. As well it should be.

A return to conservatism could have been a case to be made in 2016. But while a few entered the ring with that endgame in mind, tons of establishment grifters saw the opportunity to enter the fray for their own interest…and the interest of those financially benefiting off of their “public servitude.” FurthermoreRoberts writes:

Longer term, there must be a broad “conversation” about the direction of the conservative movement and the Republican Party

That is the conversation I wish to inspire. Keep in mind, under the current environment of ceding natural rights in favor of virtue signaling in the name of protecting fellow citizens, one must recognize that following the constitution is not mandatory and absolute. Those of us who are longing for constitutionality are playing ball on a completely different and depleted field. The idea of conservatism will never flourish again, until we wreck the system that is being built over top of what the founding fathers created. This is the Marxist framework being constructed by elites: Corporate Leaders, Tech innovators, and Political hacks who believe that they can fabricate a better society for all. They are confident that they are more intelligent than a group of formerly oppressed, well-educated individuals who fleshed out multiple state constitutions. Individuals who built a National constitution based upon the best aspects of Roman Law, English Common law, and with the understanding of great philosophers such as Aristotle and Socrates. These elites are looking to build a “United Nations of Davos”. They meet in Davos every year and muse about how to craft the perfect society. All of this is happening in the background, while the “conservative smart set” are debating the infringement of public policies placed upon a contestant from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, twerking before your 4-year-old’s very eyes at the city library. They fail to discern that Trump’s so called “nationalism” is actually what I call “Sovereigntism”. Keeping free trade in place while maintaining sovereignty. Maintaining the national history and culture. These are the aspects that define our nation and set us apart from others. And I, for one, believe this is where conservatism should be headed. To unabashedly stand for small government, large freedom and liberty, and maintaining our national identity. Laying waste to totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and those compromised by financial corruption.

By far, the most effective solution to wrecking the American political class would be for Trump to create a new party. Sounds like a silly and short-sighted proposition, until you take a moment and envision what would transpire. Think of this: the “big tent” that was built by his Presidency would move with him, deflating the current GOP in similar fashion as the Whig Party and its demise. This would be a group of American loving patriots, along with a collection of individuals who never voted before until 2016, building a tremendous base. Include in that foundation those who have been seeking asylum from the Democrat Party, due to it being run by an actual asylum. They have already been flocking towards his “no nonsense Americanism”. Couple that with those such as myself, who were initially weary of a Trump presidency. It would be an overwhelming coalition. Understand, many individuals such as myself had reservations of a Trump Administration. We feared his run was simply an egotistical bucket list item. We were not confident that we would see the move away from the Obama policies that were ruining America. Much to our chagrin, we saw the “Reagan-esque” tax cuts, renegotiated trade deals, a relocation of the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, and the many peace deals throughout the Middle East. Many who agree with our conversion to Trumpism, due to his firm track record, would gladly support a new party under his founding. This would be the game changing force that would be needed reshape the political landscape in America. This would be where conservative’s future should move towards. It’s never going to completely return to it’s “Grand Ole Party”, no matter how hard it tries.


One thought on “There Will Be No Return To Status Quo Republicanism

  1. “This would be a group of American loving patriots, along with a collection of individuals who never voted before until 2016”

    In Truth it would be a group of people unable to discern reality from fantasy, Truth from fiction. Having no grip on logic or reason.

    I do agree though, let the Republican party split. It would be the best thing for America


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