Media Loses Poop Over Trump/Dog Meme

President Trump has always been a heck of an Internet Troll. With the click of a “Send”, he can have the media lose their ever loving minds in explosive, irritable bowel syndrome shock waves. Whether it’s tweeting out a video from the movie “The Kingsmen”, with his face superimposed over someone taking out media logos in a gun fight, or its misspelling a word in a post like “Covefefe, he can push their panties in a bunch. It seems as though he’s done it again!

 This time, he has them losing their minds over a meme. It’s a meme of an obviously photoshopped picture of the Orangelo Julius Caesar awarding a dog a Medal of Honor.

In order to set the table for the latest outrage, let’s give the story behind the meme that has all of the “blue check mark journo’s” lit aflame. The leader Of ISIS: the most evil, depraved terrorist organization (who was hell bent on establishing an Islamic Caliphate across Iraq and Syria), Al-Baghdadi was killed over the weekend. He was chased into a cave, where he detonated a suicide vest along with three of his children. He was pronounced dead on the scene. He was chased into the cave by one of our special ops’ canine unit dogs. For that reason alone, the austere Islamic scholar (as the Washington Post called him) took his own life. This prompted remarks from our president, extending an invitation for the brave little pup to visit the White House.

 And then, Trump tweeted this out…

And queue the media outrage!

This begs the question that one must ask: Who was responsible for this hilarious photo shopped picture?

Bravo, Daily Wire! Well played!


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