The Squad’s Stunt To Vilify Israel By Denial Of Visit

Thursday was a bad day for “The Squad”. The “Wonder Twins” of the squad, who’s powers together are just as significant as the wonder twin beta boy who always turns into a glass of water, used their powers of “Islamophobia projection” to vilify the nation of Israel. Illhan Omar, who would be more appropriate in representing the City of brotherly love because of her history of familial nuptials, and Rashida “Miss Palestine 2018” Tlaib were disallowed for taking a trip to the Jewish Nation.

Of course, all things outrageous to the left always begins with a Trump Tweet. Upon the outset of the sojourn by the Congressional Representatives, who are ardent supporters of the movement to boycott, divest, and sanction the Jewish nation, Trump tweeted his thoughts about it from the Golden Commode.

This is always the lit fuse of the C4 of Progressive and Media explosions. And it happened once again. It’s also interesting to juxtapose the narrative headlines that followed.

This headline was from The Hill:

Trump says Israel shouldn’t let Omar, Tlaib visit country: “It would show great weakness”

Sounds about right and on the mark. This was a Follow up headline from AP:

“Trump: letting US Muslim lawmakers into Israel would ‘show great weakness”

The LA Times followed with, “Trump renews attack on minority congresswomen; congressman offers sharp rebuke.”

Based upon the headlines, someone calling out transparently Anti-Semitic politicians who believe Jews control American Politics through money and place sticky notes saying PALESTINE over the nation of Israel on maps in their office, are Islamophobic, racist, and hate women. This is the state of the news media these days.

Of course, the Wonder Woman of “The Sqaud”, or shall we say the Wondering Woman (wondering what a Garbage Disposal is) decided to throw her mentally bankrupt 1 cent into the conversation.


The Prime minister of Israel’s account gave the reasons for the denial of entry to the militant Muslim grifters.

Without a doubt, their trip was intended on furthering the BDS movement. Rep. Omar only tried to have it codified via legislation introduction in the House of Representatives. The denial by the Israeli Government to reject visits to the country are not unprecedented.

Looks as though the Obama Administration urged Israel to disallow a visit by a Congressman back in 2014. But remember, anything “Mr. Tan Suits and Scandal free” did during his tenure is outrageous now because, “ORANGE MAN BAD!”

And why would Israel want these individuals to enter their country? They keep interesting company.

But the true stunt by “The Limp-mode Squad” was that they actually could have visited Israel when an actual contingent of Congressional Representatives made an earlier trip, as pointed out by Representative Chip Roy.

The real stunt was that they were anticipating this rejection in order to cause a media dust up. The Itinerary that the Prime Minister’s account referred to as being sent only days ago was indicating that the trip was to “Palestine”, even though it was in Israel. This was nothing more than a middle finger to Israel.

They had no plans to meet with Israeli officials. The organization that supported this trip was a BDS Movement organization. Suffice to say they sort of accomplished their mission. Only now, we are seeing the full-throated Anti-Semitism of “The Squad” that we are told doesn’t exist. Remember, 2 of them are Islamists, and the other two are registered “Democratic Socialists”.


For context, here’s some background on the organization that is behind Omar and Tlaib’s attempted “visit”.


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