The Great Twitter Purge Of 2018 Has Begun. Stalin Would Be Proud.

Wednesday morning, February 21, many Twitter Users awoke to an interesting phenomenon. Many lost tons of followers. The number of followers isn’t something that I personally care about. They come and go, mostly it’s a wash. And even when I’ve taken polarizing positions, I’ve lost a good chunk here and there. But to log on and see almost 100 followers simply disappear, that was a head scratcher.

I started to go down the list of unfollowers using my Crowdfire App that’s synced to my account. I began to see a running theme.

Logging on, I began to see a hashtag trending addressing this issue.


Many friends I’ve made on Twitter were sharing their numbers of decreased followers. 400 here, 600 there…all either “Conservative” or not Progressive. Even some I’m not affiliated with are dealing with the fallout.

Here are some examples of locked accounts:

They’ve even targeted those affiliated with the NRA. Dan Bongino, who is a contributor to NRA TV lost the ability to create Ad Revenue from Twitter.

The Washington Examiner reported this early this morning.

The event happened less than a week after special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians and three Russian companies for meddling in the 2016 election, relying heavily on social media use.

Twitter took down bots in January following a New York Times investigation exposed known users who had purchased fake Twitter followers using a service called Devumi.

Interestingly enough, these Twitter users were not included in the “Great Twurge”.

So from what I can tell, an assassination of a sitting president is something Twitter seems to be A-OK with. If you’ve criticize the motives behind some of the high school activists, your account is locked. If you’ve been critical of radical Islam, you’re locked out. But If you publish porn on Twitter, not to worry. You weren’t affected.

It also seems that if you create a hashtag that is vile and malicious towards conservative groups, Twitter looks the other way.

If you’ve supported a legally recognized organization like the NRA, you were targeted. News media is reporting this was simply a “removal of Russian Bots”. Many of these were not “Bots” and any sort. This was an excuse to attack a wide swath of individuals who may be effective at piercing the veil of the Media Monopoly and destroying their narrative crafting. If Twitter can read all of your direct messages, view what you’ve posted, deleted, or even what you’ve drafted, then how can they not discern between a “Russian bot” or a Conservative/Right leaning accounts? Because that wasn’t the true intention of the purge. We know what it was. The proof is in the Jello Pudding.

Now, I don’t care if someone aligns politically with the Orange Julius Cesar or not. If Twitter Deems your view dangerous, but doesn’t care for the call to assassinate a President, there’s a problem.

I can understand a business venture in the social media platform arena wanting to protect its brand by elliminating vile and disgusting posts. But, Twitter better be careful. It’s not the best business practice to target a political class. You run the risk of destroying your business, especially when you’re not on a fiscally strong foundation in the first place.

Business doesn’t seem to be a factor in most of the popular social media platforms when they allow themselves to align with The Clintons propaganda machine, Media Matters and David Brock.


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