Salon’s “Wokeness” Over The New Black Panther Movie Explodes In Their Face

The Marvel Comic Universe is finally coming to fruition. Outside of the excellent screen adaptations of The X Men, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy, there are also great “stand alones” like Dr. Strange, Spiderman: Homecoming, Dead Pool, and the stark Logan.  They have been doing a tremendous job to keep that spirit of Marvel Comics alive that I remember as a kid. There have also been talks of other movies in the works, including X Men off shoot, X Factor. So, when talk of the Black Panther movies was coming out, we knew it would be a barn burner.

Of course, the Progressive Left must always politicize everything, especially when they can turn a comic book movie into a torch carrying battle win for identity politics. We were first skeptical how this movie was going to look as soon as everyone’s favorite Social Justice Warrior Sports Commentator, Jemele Hill chimed in with her review of the movie.

Great. Based upon her input, I’m rethinking whether or not I should even purchase a ticket. But, lets let the social media pandering begin, with teachers taking their classes to see a comic book movie to change their world.

But not everyone was buying that Mrs. Hill was simply praising a movie about a comic book because its a power packed adventure into the superhero universe.

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them comic books, and let them lead the way!”

So, leave it to the left-wing media outlets to begin writing pieces to bolster her sentiment. Salon decided to give their “hot take” in an article claiming the movie was the first movie to feature a black hero front and center. Because that’s never happened before. But their claims were met with hilarious results. Thank you again, social media, for correcting the record.

Not only have we had a black hero leading a movie before, not to mention a black superhero, we’ve also had a black female superhero lead a movie in the past as well!

And then, things began to take a turn…

Then, the mockery ensued.

And of course, I couldn’t not take the opportunity to jump in with my own take.

And in summation, lets call this “think piece” exactly what it is.

No doubt, we are…


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