Michael Wolff Appears On Morning Joe. Things Didn’t Go Well.

Michael Wolff, the author of the political fiction thriller “Fire and Fury” was on Morning Joe on MSNBC. It really didn’t go well. When the conversation steered into “#MeToo Virtue Signaling Land”, the mood went dark. The topic turned to Mr. Wolff’s claims that ardent Marco Rubio Supporter during the GOP Presidential Primaries and current UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley slept her way to her political pinnacle with President Trump. That’s when the interview abruptly ended. Mika Brzezinski initially pointed out the obvious: that Mr. Wolff’s book was “written very quickly”. It couldn’t simply have been a political weapon? Nah, the book that every journalist from the Mainstream Media Industrial Complex stood in a “Books-A-Million” line in order to purchase and gush all over, like it was the next Star Wars release? That couldn’t have been fabricated, could it?

Mika, tiring of the indecisiveness of Mr. Wolff,  then launched into him saying, “You might be having a fun time dancing around this, but you’re slurring a women. It’s disgraceful”. She topped the awkward exchange with “Look, you’re on the set of the Morning Joe. We don’t BS here!” which was HILARIOUS! Morning Joe put the BS in MSNBC!

Watch the clip below.

Michael Wolff then decided to point out his disgust for Mika and Joe Scarborough on Twitter. Grab the popcorn. Whenever the Twittersphere is giving us a “Progressive Cannibal Show”, it’s time to grab the Jiffy Pop!

Of course, Douchenozzle is going to “Nozzle”…

Not a lot of people were on Team Wolff…



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