Social Media Ramps Up Its War On Conservatives. Unfortunately, We Still Need The Venue.

Do you know why Twitter is sending Conservatives to 24 hour “Twitmo” and revoking Verification from some, while lumping them all with White Nationalist douche canoes like Richard Spencer? Because we are piercing the media narratives, constantly. We are sharing the bits of truth, crowdsourcing “the real”. We can now share bits and pieces of truth together that was once left to “die in darkness”, (like Washington Post’s claim that Democracy is currently in cardiovascular arrhythmia). We are now able to get a clear and complete aerial view of what is really happening VS what’s being fed. It’s allowed us a way to navigate around the media and the progressive left’s information control. Media Matters, Google, Facebook, Twitter, are working together in concert. Those who control information flow DESPISE conservatism and would find any way to kill its flame, In order to kill information and truth. They want to take us back to 3 TV networks with 1 hour news shows at dinner time. They want that control returned back to them.

It’s like the music industry’s history. In the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, it was an industry that had a HUMONGOUS barrier to entry. You weren’t going to make a dent in the music world unless invited in by the talent scouts. You had to have the record label behind you (usually one owned or managed by an ex-Woodstock Hippy successful musician who is drugged out and has a megalomaniacal mindset) for even a chance at being in the game. It was very subjective too. Even the Beetles had a talent scout reject them! And the labels would go to the various Radio Stations (Sovereign States) and coerce them with bribes and perks, which was called “Payola” (Tax credits and Federal funding). They would court them with blow (lobbyists) and get them to jump on supporting their radio single (policy proposals). That’s politics in the new age. If you were a band like The Bad Brains (outsiders, going against the grain with a sound that was something new and refreshing), you were shunned in favor of The Eagles. It’s all about control.

But the conservative American electorate is the CBGB. We are the New York Hardcore scene of the 1980’s. We are Hardcore/Punk VS commercial rock. We want to go against the grain and rage in 3 chords and at blinding speed, while moshing ourselves in a circle against the D.C. political machine. The patriotic American is the Henry Rollins/Greg Ginn era Black Flag. We are trading our 7 inch vinyl and hardcore mix tapes of truth to spread the message to the new scene. We want substance to be spread around to those who need to hear something organic and real. This is what’s happening with social media VS Leftist Media.

And Social Media is in bed with the industry. They are fighting the “Napster” of information and truth. They don’t want you to pay for the real single, they want you to buy the god awful album with the one song that was actually worth a crap. We were wanting to get the real good stuff, without the baggage that we were charged with and required to purchase…the album full of fluff and misinformation with a single, nugget of truth buried within it. Keep in mind Hollywood has this exact same model as well. Because liberals control these sectors. You cannot play ball unless you submit to their terms. You must get “Weinsteined” in order to be in the club. And social media wants to be an arm for the progressive left.
Culture is owned by the Left. So is social media. This is why the dissidents are the “new hardcore scene”. The new underground. We are the counter culture that they assumed they were champions of only 9 years ago (sorry, Rise Against “Siren Songs for the Counter Culture” reference). This is why they are shutting us down. But we need to persevere, because we can “Napster” truth.



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