Here’s the VA election reality. #VAElections

It looks as though the young minorities and Muslim children can now come out of hiding. They can play in the playgrounds near their homes with no parental guidance, like the Northam AD portrayed. I even think I heard all of the Redneck Pickup Trucks suddenly speed past my house. I think it’s on! Oh, wait…those were all pickups that were built in the early 1990’s. I think that was actually the influx of illegals heading to Richmond. Also heard that the CEO of MS-13, the illegal immigrant militant gang from Mexico that resides in VA, called Ralph Northam to congratulate him on his win. That was right before Trump decided to issue the most classless tweet with his new 280 character allocation.


Look, this is why Ed Gillespie lost. Ed Gillespie was a Mitt Romney styled R.I.N.O. (Republican in Name Only).

Has anyone asked Mr. Gillespie if he has spoke to the gentleman from Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay? The same gentleman who proved Al Gore to be a fraud by arguing how the sea levels haven’t changed there since the founding of America? Unfortunately, Gillespie did what the establishment always does. They accepted the language of the Progressive Left and then formed a policy stance on it. That was the indicator that would show his RINO tendencies.

Once he became the nominee for the GOP, it was all that the conservative voters could do to support him in order to try to defeat a Gun Control, Open Borders, and Abortionist like Ralph Northam. Unfortunately, the Socialist infiltration is so concentrated in Northern Virginia due to DC, he lost. Trump only energized the left against him. He didn’t have a positive effect, much less any real impact on the GOP base of Virginia at all. Gillespie was a Bob Dole/Howard Dean styled candidate, in line for a governor run. It was “his turn”, even though he has a track record of running in other elections and losing those as well. Scott Taylor, who I voted for, seems to think it was a referendum against Trump. It was for the left, but they weren’t ever going to vote for a conservative anyways.

The real reason that he lost was that the leviathan federal government machine of Washington D.C., with its devoted employees, Government contractors, and the Media whores, who are looking to get as close to grinding up to that machine as possible. They all reside in and along the outskirts of D.C. Those counties flip Virginia every time. The media narrative isn’t the binary choice we were forced into believing it was for the presidential election. There are so many things at work: the GOP candidate’s lukewarm stance, a collection of counties in the north that decide the States results, because of the makeup of their population in these counties. Virginia is only “purple” because it’s bruised at the top and in the chest, the state capital of Richmond. Everything else is red and fine. Virginia has lost the ability to be “Red” once again due to the spillage of D.C. rot into our suburbs and its outskirts. If you don’t understand this, you don’t get what happened in Virginia. The price of housing in D.C. and in Northern VA is so expensive that even the mid-level and lower income workers from the D.C. machine live in areas like Luray, where it’s situated in the mountains and takes about over an hour to commute to D.C. Government contract workers that also benefit from a large government machine are a factor as well, It’s that thick with liberals in those counties and areas.

Someone messaged me in response to my posts explaining this and said, “Yeah, like there’s no government employees in Virginia Beach.” To which I responded with, “There are, but that isn’t our entire industry. You missed the point completely. Thanks for showing us that you’re able to do that.” In fact, Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area, which is the southeastern section of the state, is completely comprised of Military. They love freedom and reject Anti-American Progressivism. It’s the flip side to Northern Virginia. It’s that area’s industry and it’s why they don’t ever vote for socialism. But lately down in the southeastern portions of the state, we have many from NY, Ohio, and PA retiring for the beach life. As they filter in, our Conservatism filters out. It’s sad, because we had great candidates like Ken Cuccinelli & Bob McDonnell. And that would also explain the move to vote for Northam.

Once you uncover the inner workings of the demographics, Trump’s only factor in this race was to excite the leftist in Northern Virginia, who had something to prove. They actually made it a point to turn out for a “Non-American Idol” Presidential election cycle this year in droves. I think the Leftists, especially ones who would make it a point to take a day off from work to drink at a bar on a Tuesday morning at 9am just to watch the Comey hearings showed they would be strident enough to make sure they voted in order to give a middle finger to Trump. These “Scream at the sky” events, which were spawned in Boston, were replicating themselves in liberal areas across the nation. They showed up. It was that simple. Trump had nothing to do with exciting the GOP base. Placing any type of support on Gillespie didn’t cause the GOP voters to turn out. It was an energetic Left from northern Virginia, who is red with rage and seething blue over losing last year.

If you remember back to my show on why I decided to do a protest vote in the first place, it explains the exact same scenario. When the Trumpers told me, “If you don’t vote for Trump, you’re voting for Hillary.” I said “Full disclosure, I’m in the 2nd District of VA. We’ll end up voting for Trump with or without my vote. But, Virginia will be decided by Fairfax Co. and will eventually go to Hillary Clinton . My vote is null and void on this one.” That was exactly what happened. My protest, third party vote was not a factor with that race at all.

So, let’s take a look at some other Key Leftist wins:

The first transgender Metal singer and former reporter delegate was voted into office in the VA 13th District.

That’s a heck of a croon…ugh.

The 13th district is located near the Maryland border, Louden County. The adjacent counties are Prince William’s County and Fauquier County. Do you know what one of my customized security question is for a particular login site is? What town do you never want to visit ever again? Warrenton, VA. It was like the TV show Northern Exposure in VA, instead of Alaska. A sea of North Face Vests and crappy hipster coffee shops in the mountains outside of D.C. Hillary Clinton won the 13th district by 14 points in the presidential election. This is of no surprise to anyone in VA.

A Democratic Socialist Party Candidate won and became the House Majority Whip. Voters in Manassas, Virginia, a Washington, D.C., suburb, elected Democrat Lee Carter over incumbent Republican Del. Jackson Miller, who was also House Majority Whip. Manassas is an independent city like much of the southeastern portion of the state, where they have cities, but they cities don’t reside inside of a county. But it borders Loudoun County, Fairfax County, and D.C.

Red State reported that Carter also received very little money, if any, from large corporations.

Like Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Carter openly criticizes large corporations. “I’m to the left of [Democrats] on economic policy,” Carter told the Richmond Times Dispatch last month. “I am unabashedly pro-union, pro-worker. I’m openly fighting against the large corporate interests.” “That’s something that you don’t see a lot of politicians in either party do very much of, and that’s something that Virginia frankly has not seen very much of since the days of Henry Howell,” Carter said, referring to Virginia’s populist state senator and Lt. Governor in the 1960s and 70s.

A former Virginia news anchor whose journalist girlfriend was fatally shot during a live broadcast in 2015 has defeated a Republican incumbent for a seat in the statehouse. Chris Hurst was living with fellow journalist Alison Parker when she and a cameraman were killed by a former co-worker while reporting for WDBJ-TV. After the shooting, Hurst became the public face of the grieving Roanoke station. That brought him national attention and a large social media following. The Pennsylvania native quit his TV job and moved to Blacksburg to run for a House seat. He beat Joseph Yost, a three-term incumbent, Tuesday. Hurst’s name recognition helped the first-time Democratic candidate raise over $1 million for his campaign, noted. Yost, too, spent over $1 million on his campaign. The news site also reported that Hurst was also able to win substantial support from college students at Virginia Tech and Radford University. The student support there was critical for Hurst in conservative counties that otherwise supported Yost. Hurst’s campaign was backed by gun-control groups, but that wasn’t his main campaign issue. Instead, he focused on education, health care and the environment.

These results would be completely expected under a President Kasich or Cruz. And the historical trend that happens with Virginia state elections are that whichever party clinches the Presidency, the rival party takes the State. You can follow that trend all the way back to the Reagan Era. Don’t take the narrative that this was a referendum to heart.


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