Politico Cartoon Mocking Right-wing Texans Inadvertently Reveals Their Political Ideology

While people are drowning and losing family members in one of the worst natural disasters in American History, quite possible the worst of all, politicization continues. Politico decided to post a “political cartoon”, which was void of humor or anything of any substance. But what it inadvertently displayed was the true view of the role of Government by the Progressive Left.

The cartoon displays a redneck country man with a 10 gallon cowboy hat being pulled from the roof of his home and out of the flood waters. He’s wearing a confederate flag T-shirt and the flag on the roof of his home is the Gadsden Flag. That would be the Yellow Flag with the coiled up rattlesnake and the slogan “Don’t Tread on Me” displayed. Also on the roof of his home is a giant flag of Texas with the phrase, “SECEDE” blanketed over it. He’s screaming out in thankful joy, “ANGELS! SENT BY GOD!!!”

The Helicopter pulling the “red-neck” out of the water is a Coast Guard Chopper. The Guardsman, attempting to place a life jacket on the victim’s child, replies, “Er, Actually Coast Guard…sent by the Government.” That’s a pretty harsh slam against the people of Texas.


But this cartoon was more instructive than one might notice on the surface. It shows the viewpoint of the role of Government by the Progressive Left and their view of natural rights. The left believes that there could not be any role for natural rights. There is no room for a supernatural, spiritual intervention. That would be silly! Like I’ve mentioned in the past, most of the progressive left are atheists. They couldn’t believe that “Sky God in the Clouds” could have any bearing on the miracle of a rescue effort. They portrayed the naivety of the “red-neck” as to giving credit to “Cloud God”, while the Government rescue worker puts it in “scientific factual” perspective. This shows that they think that the sole arbiter of rights is Government. Government would be the one to save the day. Government would be where you should place your faith. This was an excellent way to show the dividing line between the left and the right. Even if it was intentionally crafted to mock those in their hour of need.



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