Everything You Need To Know About BlackLivesMatter, Antifa, And The White Nationalists

The narrative of the moment, in the wake of the clash in Charlottesville, seems to have been solidified with the Progressive Left and deployed by its Media foot soldiers. The headlines and assumptions are that these groups, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, are simply a rag-tag team group of “Freedom Fighters”. They are framed as being a grassroots uprising. A group comprised of good, upstanding citizens who’ve been marginalized and discriminated against, even in the modern age. The colored only water fountains have returned. Bull Connor is pulling out the hoses onto the streets. But the Resistance is fighting back this time. They’re fighting for “Democracy” (Hold on to your nether regions, gang. We’ll get into why their definition of “Democracy” isn’t what you or I think that it actually means). And they do so, firmly ensconced in the belief that there are no disparaging agents or groups with a bigger goal embedded and hidden within their gaggle of freedom fighters.

The current mission for them is a hands-on, vigilante vigilance. No need to make a 911 call for law enforcement to intercede on their behalf. The argument they’ve used to justify the removal of your ability to own firearms has been nullified by them, instantaneously. If the Police should be the only ones to have firearms, now that they’ve become the “ethnicity gestapo”, then what justifies them to carry weapons in the course of law enforcement? They’ve poked holes in their own argument, in order to justify vigilante retribution. But that shouldn’t be of much concern. History shows that if you plan on having a “free speech” event, in order to draw the Antifa/BLM opposition in for a fight, don’t do it in a Democrat municipality, locality, or State. They will order the authorities, who are tax payer funded for your protection, to stand down and allow the mob to rule. They will find inventive ways to nullify your peaceful protest and let the jack booted thugs run roughshod all over your event. Maybe you might be killed. Maybe you might be severely injured. Maybe you’ll be a Channel 6 local news reporter requiring staples after being attacked. Heck, you could be on the same team, fighting the same enemy, and still be attacked by these fools.

Now, they are taking it out on the road, looking to right the wrongs of humanity. Traveling to Seattle, Durham, Boston, Washington D.C., and even Trump Tower. They’ve come with a flag waving and a few fisticuffs, no biggie. And while they are attempting to eradicate the sins of history, they are doing so in incredible fashion. They are offended by the blank stares of Confederate Statutes, which glare at them judgmental ways. But that’s really all that they can do. They’re statues, for the love of God. They’ve placed fear in the hearts of municipalities, who have removed these statues in the heat of the night, without a referendum and void of any vote by their citizenry. They’ve told the police to stand down in order to refrain from inciting additional outrage and violence.  They’ve pulled down war memorial monuments with ropes. Spray painted memorials. They’re talking about bombing Mt. Rushmore, removing statues of Frank Rizzo, and even bellyaching over the origin of the name of the State of New York. While they are trying to quell anger and emotions by removing statues in the middle of the night, smashing 200 year old Columbus memorials based on Howard Zinn Propaganda Textbook indoctrination, they are doing all that they can do to erase the sins of America. They’ve even removed an Asian Sportscasters from ESPN broadcasts of UVA College Football games because his name is Robert Lee. We wouldn’t want to trigger our audience by assuming they lack any reasoned discernment. Absurdity beyond comprehension.

And if you view the appeasement of these groups through the prism of their language, you will know that there will be no end in sight. Not only do they feel they are fighting anyone who has owned a slave or anyone who even shook the hand of someone who has owned one. They also abhor “American Imperialism”. Expect the next targets to be WWI, WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War monuments, because of “Imperialism”. This is Michelle Obama’s declaration. Declaring that we must change our traditions, change our culture. And that’s what they are doing. Only they couldn’t do it through a gradual erosion, as they’ve been doing for years. They have to do so with brute force.

The Progressive left must employ vigilante violent justice, because a new set of Foster Parents are living at Pennsylvania Avenue. The Left and the Right are divided because of a view of who should allocate liberty. Who divvies out freedom? Does the Government provide this? Is a collection of incompetent, elected bureaucrats, like Hank Johnson, Shelia Jackson Lee, and Nancy Pelosi needed to give you guidance over your life? Or does it come from our creator. Natural rights, afforded to everyone upon their birth. This is why when a President like Barak Obama is elected, the right isn’t thrilled, but they aren’t acting as though the apocalypse is upon us. A presidential election shouldn’t impact every facet of our lives, because our natural rights shouldn’t be impacted. The left looks at allocation of rights as a function the government should provide, because government is their God. And now, the Foster Parents have been replaced via election. The kids, the left, are acting out. They are throwing temper tantrums and hissy fits. They are burning the bed sheets and screaming at authority. They are sneaking out of the house at night, rioting and causing chaos. And they’ve formed different factions to attempt national change, without a vote. To understand what’s truly happening, we must deep dive into who comprises these groups. Who are Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and The White Nationalists?

The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) isn’t an actual singular organization itself. They are a web of well-funded, communist/socialist organizations posing as a new movement. This is basically Black Panther’s and Black Liberation Theology in new cloths. This movement has been in existence for decades. Communist groups have manipulated the cause of Black Lives Matter, even if there were well intended individuals participating on their behalf. The money funneling in are from liberal foundations, which has made their riots completely possible.

Except for the website, blacklivesmatter.com, there is no actual organization. The website implicitly acknowledges this fact. It describes #BlackLivesMatter as “an online forum, intended to build connections between Black people and our allies to fight anti-Black racism, to spark dialogue among Black people, and to facilitate the types of connections necessary to encourage social action and engagement. According to World Net Daily, they use old tactics and methods, as explained by  Larry Grathwohl, a former FBI informant in the Weather Underground. He said that he understood from personal experience how white communists exploited blacks and other minorities. He stated that the Weather Underground terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn regarded Barack Obama, whose political career they sponsored, as a tool – a puppet – to use against white America.

 BLM launched in 2013 and began as a Twitter hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter. It started after neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin. The radical left activists who claim credit for the slogan and hashtag were Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and  Opal Tometi. They all work for front groups, such as The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). FRSO is one of the four largest radical Left organizations in the country. The others are Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS). CCDS is a hereditary descendant of the New Communist Movement, These organizations were inspired by Mao and the many communist revolutions throughout the world in the 1960s and 1970s.

FRSO split into two separate groups in 1999, FRSO/Fight Back and FRSO/OSCL (Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organizaciόn Socialista del Camino para la Libertad). FRSO is comprised of dozens of groups. The goal is to present the appearance of a formidable mass of organizations. Some are large, many are little more than a website or Facebook page. They are dedicated ultimately to the same thing: overthrowing our society in order to replace it with a hardcore socialist (read communist) one. FRSO membership is disproportionately represented by blacks, gays and women, and self-consciously emphasizes those issues.

 There are a few main players:

 Alicia Garza, who penned a “Herstory” of BLM is a ” queer,” black veteran activist involved in numerous FRSO organizations. She is Special projects director, National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), Executive Director, People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER), Board member, School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL), and 2011 Board Chair, Right to the City Alliance (RTTC).  

Patrisse Cullors, who describes herself as a “working class, queer, black woman. She claims the country killed her father, who was a drug addict. She founded and directs Dignity and Power Now (DPN). She was trained by Eric Mann, former Weather Underground leader who exhorts followers to become “anti-racist, anti-imperialist” activists. Mann runs another FRSO front – The Labor/Community Strategy Center. Where he makes $225,000 annually

Opal Tometi, who is the daughter of illegal aliens from Nigeria. She worked for the ACLU defending illegal aliens against “vigilantes” opposed to illegal immigration. She is currently the executive director of BlackAlliance for Just Immigration (BAJI).

Following the Michael Brown shooting in August 2014, Dream Defenders Group formed the “hands up don’t shoot” slogan. They are an organization led by Working Families Party (ACORN) activist Occupy Wall Street anarchist Nelini Stamp, Nelini Stamp’s ACORN – now rebranded under a variety of different names – works with all four organizations previously listed. Stamp has said, “we are actually trying to change the capitalist system we have today because it’s not working for any of us.” Dream Defenders is backed by, The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), The ACLU, and The Southern Poverty Law Center

Now that we’ve covered Black Lives Matter to show the fraudulent movement that it is, we need to address the other cog in the leftist vehicle, Antifa. Antifa is being painted as a noble freedom fighting force by the left wing, Mainstream Media.  Antifa (Stands for Anti-Fascist Action) is not an actual group. Similar to Black Lives Matter, it’s an amalgamation of groups.

From The Atlantic:

ANTIFA traces its roots to the 1920s and ’30s. Militant leftists battled fascists in the streets of Germany, Italy, and Spain. When fascism withered after World War II, Antifa did too. In the ’70s and ’80s, neo-Nazi skinheads began to infiltrate Britain’s punk scene. After the Berlin Wall fell, neo-Nazism also gained prominence in Germany. In response, a cadre of young leftists, including many anarchists and punk fans, revived the tradition of street-level antifascism. In the late ’80s, left-wing punk fans in the United States began following suit.

I was a part of the late 80’s early 90’s punk/hardcore scene. We had the skin head Nazi groups. We had the other side of the coin too, the SHARPS – Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice. They clashed with each other on a regular basis, but it was never focused at a political party, although they had their preferences. They chose anarchy and railed against the government across the board, in general. They didn’t side with a political party, which should say something about today’s Democrat party.

Here are some of the cell groups that make up the puzzle of Antifa. Direct Action Alliance, which is comprised of: Bernie PDX – Portland Oregon group and 7th Generation Environmental Alliance. BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), which is funded by United for Equality and Affirmative Action Legal Defense Fund (UEAALDF). They are a 501 C3 organization that’s registered to Donna Stern, BAMN Organizer. The money is funneled through UEAALDF to BAMN and then to Antifa. Their donors list includes: The Ford Foundation, Southern Poverty Law Center (which George Clooney gave a sizable, million dollar donation to, in order to “stop the hate”), UAW International, and Various Teachers Unions and organizations.  Yvette Felarca, The Middle School teacher we spoke about a few shows ago that was involved in a violent protest is a semi-public BAMN spokeswomen. She was arrested during the Battle for Berkeley. She, among others, tried to indoctrinate and recruit students for activism

From the Daily Caller:

Despite repeated warnings, the district says, Yvette Felarca continued to try to recruit students into her radical organization, including during work hours. Felarca frequently tried to bring students on school-sponsored trips to BAMN-related activities, which the district claimed were attempts to “indoctrinate” the students, according to Berkeleyside.

“This position taken by you and BAMN that U.S. border should be entirely open is a very radical and controversial idea that many students and parents would not support,” the letter states.

BAMN is even tied to NAMBLA,

From the Daily Caller:

BAMN’s parent organization worked directly with the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) in the years just before it founded BAMN, according to NAMBLA documents reviewed by The Daily Caller. In addition, a member of that parent organization said to have founded BAMN is an admitted member of NAMBLA, which she has described as the victim of a “witch-hunt.”

Founded by the Revolutionary Workers League, a small, Detroit-based Marxist organization. Many of BAMN’s leading members over the years have also been RWL members

“The Revolutionary Workers League is a Trotskyist organization of which I’m a member,” Luke Massie, one of BAMN’s founders told the Michigan Daily in 2001”.

By the way, Trotskyism is the theory of Marxism as advocated by Leon Trotsky. Trotsky identified himself as an orthodox Marxist and Bolshevik-Leninist.

We are proud to have played a part in a whole lot of struggles and to have played a role in the founding of BAMN.” An anonymous group of researchers provided copies of internal NAMBLA publications from the 1990’s. The internet sleuths requested anonymity, citing fear of retaliation by BAMN members, and asked instead to be collectively referred to as, “The shadowy and/or mysterious organization known as Antifaleaks.”

Shanta Driver, a Labor Lawyer and Antifa Activist. She is a member of BAMN and National Director of UEAALDF. There is Mike Wilson, National Leader of Antifa who works at UC Berkeley as a Researcher. Mark Airgood, another National Leader of Antifa. He works as a Special Education Teacher and is currently running for leadership in the National Teachers Union. Benjamin Lynch, who is in charge of organizing protest across the nation. James Anderson-Furgeson, the editor for It’s Going Down. An Antifa-aligned journal & a website that gives information on functions that will occur.  Other groups involved are Oregon Students Empowered, which created a Facebook page called “Shut down fascism! No Nazis in Portland!” The TORCH Network, who is responsible for organizing boycotts.

Many of these individuals are members of The World Workers Party. They go hand in hand with Antifa. Their Platform is unbelievable. They want a “Socialist Society” where the wealth is socially owned Production and services are planned to satisfy human needs. They are for the workers of the world, from Cuba to China. They want to build a socialist nation in the United States, in order to allow for an international, Marxists, socialist society to flourish without the impediment of America. They want to abolish Capitalism, disarm the police, disarm the ICE Agents, fight for a socialist revolution, and defend Black Lives Matter. They said that Charlottesville was their “watershed moment”.

The left have also decided to embrace their second amendment Constitutional rights. The John Brown Gun Club, a Left wing militia and an ally of Antifa, has held open carry marches. They are typically identified by their uniform, as they all wear brown shirts. Nothing NAZI about that at all.

Then, we have the Alliance for Global Justice. They are listed as the organizer of the event at Berkeley were assisted by a group called Refuse Fascism. Refuse Fascism is a Communist Group that encouraged left-wingers to shut down the Milo Yiannopoulos event months ago. They were also present at the G20 protests. Obviously, they are international in nature. According the Alliance for Global Justice’s Non-profit 990-tax filings (like their 1040 return, but for Nonprofits) shows that the Tides Foundation gave $50,000, which is funded by George Soros. If you remember back when he failed to pay the protesters, a #CutTheCheck campaign began online and the protesters were actively chanting to be paid. Refuse Fascism are planning nationwide protests on November 4th for Sedition. They are plan for unrelenting chaos in the streets on that day. Mark that day on your calendar and be vigilant.

What Resources do Antifa have and how do they get them? The go to spot seems to be a organization called CrimethInc. Also known as C.W.C. (Crimethonc. Ex-Workers Collective), they are a decentralized anarchist collective, they emerged in the mid-1990’s. They associated groups within this organization have produced: Books, Records, have organized national campaigns against Globalization – or Global Capitalism and against Representative Democracy. T They believe that “Direct Action’ is an effective tool. Direct Action is basically taking the matters into your own hands and using it to freeze law enforcement and push your way to a win for your agenda. This was reinforced when an Antifa activist climbed to remove a State flag that had the confederate.  They give details and instruction as to how Antifa can utilitze “Black Bloc”, which is a method of attack in protests. It is the method of pushing dumpsters as battering rams through police lines. These are the other cells of the rebranded 60’s radical movement that are violently attacking rally attendees at events.

The White Nationalists, on the other side of the coin, seem to be getting assistance from an unlikely source…Russia. It begs the question, “Is this a proxy war on American soil between the Soros Foot soldiers and the Vladmir Putin/Alexander Dugin White Nationalists?” It’s a bit deeper than simply the AltRight, which we hear about continually on the news. The White Nationalists converge with the AltRight on may areas, but they aren’t the total embodyment of the AltRight. Lets uncover the AltRight and the White Nationalists in this conflict. The Russia connection first emerged in a Business Insider piece entitled ‘A model for civilization’: Putin’s Russia has emerged as ‘a beacon for nationalists’ and the American alt-right

From Business Insider:

Whether Russia has played a direct role in awakening the American alt-right is debatable. Self-described white nationalist  Matthew Heimbach, who said he identifies as a member of the alt-right, has praised Putin’s Russia as “the axis for nationalists.” “I really believe that Russia is the leader of the free world right now,” Heimbach told Business Insider in a recent interview. “Putin is supporting nationalists around the world and building an anti-globalist alliance, while promoting traditional values and self-determination.” Heimbach described the US’ current foreign policy as aggressive and imperialistic, and he criticized NATO’s military buildup in eastern Europe as an example of how the US is trying to promote a “global conflict” with Russia. And while he views Russia as a “model for civilization” and “a beacon for nationalists,” Heimbach emphasized that the movement goes beyond Russia and traditional left-right politics. This isn’t just a European or a right-wing movement,” he said. “We’re trying to position ourselves to be a part of this worldwide movement of globalism versus nationalism. It’s a new age.”

Like Heimbach, alt-right leader Richard Spencer — the head of the white nationalist think tank the National Policy Institute — has argued that the US should dispense with its globalist policies by pulling out of NATO, resetting its relationship with Russia, and courting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom he has described as “a civilized person” and “source of stability in this chaotic world.”

Heimbach is the head of the White Supremacist group Traditionalist Youth Movement. You Might remember this group from the 2013 Quran Burning BBQ that they wanted to do on Sept 11th of that year

Aside from the “Koran Barbecue,” Heimbach and Parrott recently passed out flyers in the town of Perry, Michigan, advertising TYN. Perry is just 12 miles south of Owosso, where TYN has a P.O. Box. The flyers handed out by Heimbach and Parrott attack “conservatives” for being surprised when “feminism, globalism, open borders, radical Islam, and anti-White racism always end up winning.” The flyers also allege that the left “hates us because we represent a genuine threat to Culutral Marxists, to Organized Jewry, and to Global Capitalism.”

Speaking of Richard Spencer, a self-described “Identitarian”, (which is a snazzier, shiny gentler term for Ethnic Supremacy). He promotes White Euphemists Views. FROM BREITBART: The media empire of the modern-day alternative right coalesced around Richard Spencer during his editorship of Taki’s Magazine. In 2010, Spencer founded AlternativeRight.com, which would become a center of alt-right thought. He advocates for a white homeland for a “dispossessed white race”, along with calling for “Peaceful ethnic cleansing”. He also calls to halt the deconstructing of European culture. What’s interesting is that his wife, to whom he was married until October 2016 was Russian writer and self-proclaimed “Kremlin troll leader” Nina Kouprianova. Kouprianova has been writing under the pen name Nina Byzantina, and regularly aligns with Kremlin talking points. She is also noted as being Alexander Dugin, Putin’s Advisers translator. Alexander Dugin is the puppet master for the chaos and coordination with the nationalist movements across the globe.  The webzine Spencer founded in 2010 — called Alternative Right — accepted contributor pieces from Aleksandr Dugin, the far-right, ultra-nationalist politician who encouraged Putin’s incursion into Ukraine and whose work has been translated into English by Byzantina on her blog. (It does have a caveat: “The views of the original author do not necessarily reflect those of the translator.”)

Aleksandr Dugin also recorded  a speech titled “To My American Friends in Our Common Struggle” for a nationalist conference organized by Heimbach last year in California.

Then. there is also Preston Wiginton. Wiginton first appeared on the White nationalist scene in October 2005, not long after he turned 40, when he attended Hammerfest, a neo-Nazi skinhead festival in Draketown, Ga. It’s unclear from his prolific subsequent blog posts and essays whether he subscribed to white nationalist ideology relatively late in life or was a longtime believer who came out publicly in middle age. Either way, it’s certain that in less than two years Wiginton became a major behind-the-scenes player in the white nationalist movement and the most dynamic American far-right extremist making waves abroad other than Duke, who Wiginton calls a good friend and claims to speak with twice a week. 

From the Eagle:

White nationalist Preston Wiginton is organizing a White Lives Matter demonstration at Texas A&M on Sept. 11, an event he started planning Saturday after race-related protests and counter-protests turned deadly Saturday in Charlottesville, Va. A peaceful student counter-protest already is being planned by Aggies. The news of Wiginton’s event was first reported by A&M’s student newspaper The Battalion on Saturday. Wiginton is known for having organized a controversial race-relations speech given on campus by white supremacist Richard Spencer in December.

From the Star-Telegram:

Preston Wiginton has been trying for years to get students and faculty to come to his events on the Texas A&M University campus — with little luck. Take, for instance, the 2015 lecture titled “American Liberalism Must Be Destroyed” by Alexander Dugin, a far-right-wing political scientist with ties to powerful leaders in the Russian government. Since the U.S. Department of Treasury has banned Dugin from entering the country, Wiginton arranged for him to give a speech via Skype in hopes that Dugin would draw an audience of government professors. Only 17 people showed up. None were professors.

Obviously, Dugin’s influence with this group is extremely hands on. And if you research Alexander Dugin, which most in America should take it upon themselves to do, you would understand how dangerous his is and how his influence on this movement is downright frightening.

Now, all of the  Alt-Right “philosophers and intellectual leaders” that they look up to all are ensconced in Nazi and Marxist in ideology as well. These are the “Intellectual Founders” of the movement (ACCORDING TO BREITBART) The origins of the alternative right can be found in thinkers as diverse as:

Oswald Spengler, a German Historian. he is best known for his book “The Decline of the West”, which was published in 1918. He was responsible for producing Prussiandom and Socialism, which argued for an Organic, Nationalist brand of Non-Marxists socialism and authoritarianism. What’s more is that Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany and one of Adolf Hitler’s close associates and most devoted followers, saw Spengler as “an intellectual powerhouse. Spengler was ostracized by Nazi’s in 1933 because of Spengler’s view of nations and his pessimism for them existing for long periods of time.

Another Alt-right philosopher is H.L Mencken. He was an American Journalist and a huge admirer of Nietzsche. Mencken was a detractor of Religion, populism, and representative democracy, which he viewed was a system where inferior men dominated their superiors. He opposed entry to WWI and WWII, but so were many American Nazi’s. Not only that, he was also sympathetic to social Darwinism of the Nazi’s.

Then, there’s Julius Evola, an Italian philosopher. He is considered to be anti-egalitarian, , antidemocratic, anti-popular systems, and anti-liberal. Evola was anti-Classic Liberalism or American Libertarianism, which the term Liberalism was hijacked by the progressive left in America. Also, keep in mind the Right-Winged European ideology is the EXACT OPPOSITE of American Right Winged ideology, which I’ve always thought of as a typical Progressive re-branding method to vilify conservatism by equating it European political hard lined fascists. It’s similar to pinning slavery on those who formed a party against it. This is why Red is considered the color of Conservatism, even though it was the color of communism.

The current crop of White Nationalist have aslo aligned themselves with political party movements around the World. One party in particular that the Alt-Right touts is the Golden Dawn Party, a Neo-Nazi Party out of Greece. Where you aware that they’ve opened branches of the Golden Dawn Party in America,  most notably N.Y.? The Golden Dawn in America have created two new chapters in the United States, since establishing a New York chapter about a year ago. One new chapter is in Los Angeles and the other calls itself the Regional League of the Western States. The USA the chapters are part of Golden Dawn North America, which “supports the ideas and goals of the Golden Dawn Party in Greece.”  In September, the Greek government arrested a number of leaders of the anti-Semitic, racist, and anti-immigrant Golden Dawn party in Greece.  The arrests came after an individual, believed to be a member of the group, allegedly killed an anti-racist rapper. Golden Dawn’s New York Division appears to be the post active chapter and the only one in the U.S. that posts material on its blog in English. A section of the blog asks sympathizers to donate food and gift cards to help “Greek babies.” The chapter has also posted articles attacking Jews, including one on October 10, about the relationship between Greece and Israel. The article claims that “Jews were so comfortable in recent decades with the corrupt political system and it served their interests perfectly. Now they have begun to tremble in fear because of the rapid rise of Golden Dawn.” The article references earlier pieces that accuse “American Zionists” of exploiting Greece and its energy sources.

Some American Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists have expressed support for Golden Dawn. Rocky Suhayda, of the tiny American Nazi Party, claims to be in touch with Golden Dawn representatives. The website of the National Socialist Movement, another Neo-Nazi group, directs people to the blog of the New York Division of Golden Dawn. Craig Cobb, a white supremacist who is trying to set up a white enclave in Leith, North Dakota by buying up plots of land, has reportedly said that he would offer one of those plots to Golden Dawn.

When you look at the leaders of the White Nationalists, and who those in the Alt-Right identified as their “intellectuals”, one can only assume that an affinity for Nazism exists. And with Vladimir Putin supporting nationalists movements in France, like the Le Pen party, the Golden Dawn Party in Greece, along with the many other nationalist movements around the globe, questions must be asked. Is this a proxy war here in America to fight against a raging, violent movement on the left which seeks to establish a global Marxists government? Is this the facilitation of the “Global Marxist Community” that Obama, George Soros, and the leftist wing of the Democrat Party have been building over the last 8 years? Is he and Valarie Jarrett using the disappointment of an electoral loss to energize a violent coup against Representative Republicanism of the United States? And is Vladimir Putin, through the conduit of his adviser Alexander Dugin, initiating a push back to dismantle the globalization movement due to Russia’s desire to globalize under their ideology?


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