The Problem With The Press – How Agenda “Journalism” Fuels Animosity

Was anyone aware that May 3rd was World Press Freedom Day? Yeah, much like useless holidays such as National Donut Day or the ever intrusive, OCD invading National Hug Day, it blew by without any incident or warning. I wasn’t even aware that it even occurred. And even more shocking is that it is a day that was declared by that worthless, anti-western civilization, Star Wars Bar, Legion of Doom known as The United Nations. They made this declaration back in 1993.  This year’s theme was Critical Minds for Critical Times: Media’s role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies. That word…Inclusive. The only time I want to ever see or hear that word is when I’m booking a trip to a resort in the southern hemisphere. One with white sandy beaches and salt water so clear you can see to the very bottom. That’s it. Inclusiveness in the political sense is typically a battering ram to Christian values and Conservative ideology. It basically means, “Suck it up and deal. Include our lifestyles that do not agree with you, which may make you unsettled, and take it! You rigid, crotchety prude!” Because inclusivity never travels in the other direction. Islam is never demanded to embrace the LGBTQ lifestyles or even women’s rights. It never can be a request to have Atheist groups, whom exert continuous energy battling Christianity each moment of every day and in any venue they can, to be inclusive to Christians.  They’re usually conducting meaningless, atheist “Faux-prayers” in commencing City Council meetings or placing devilish statues in City Parks. That type of inclusion doesn’t exist. And they want this inclusion to be focused in modern media.

The U.N decided to end the oppression of journalism and the promotion of a free press. This is the same U.N. that has Iran as the leader of the U.N. Economic and Social Council’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). That’s right, the nation that leads the world in executions and recently ordered the hanging a 26-year-old female rape victim. I guess we should place quite a bit of weight and credence into this celebration of journalism! Why not close up the businesses, shut the shop doors, and go out for some ½ price manhattans. We can wear fedora’s & trench coats, looking like 1960’s war correspondents meets Ron Burgundy, so we can all celebrate National World Press Freedom Day! I bet China is really doing up the festivities! Maybe they’ll allow you get one legitimate google search result for your next blog, which will be taken down 40 seconds after it’s published! GO FREE PRESS!

In the news media’s quest to understand why they are completely despised and hated, they lamented as to what they should do in order to remedy this on World Press Freedom Day. Although this was back in May, the writer of the piece, Eve Peyser reposted it recently on Twitter, as an additional reiteration to the others in the news media to “take the high road”.


From Vice News  – “It’s World Press Freedom Day! According to the UN, today is an opportunity to “celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom” and reflect on the “media’s role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies.” So as we celebrate all the important work journalists are doing in the US, under an administration that is increasingly hostile to the media, let’s reflect on one of the worst practices in journalism today: calling the president a Cheeto.

Presumably, bloggers and comedians get a kick out of likening Trump to the orange cheese snack because of his affinity for fake tanning. The issue isn’t only that this has become the predominant way to insult the president, but moreover, that it’s everywhere.

As VICE senior politics editor Harry Cheadle pointed out earlier today, the First Amendment is one of the things that makes this country great. The fact that we can post a video of the president motorboating Rudy Giuliani’s tits or call him a snack food without fear of retribution should not be taken for granted. But with that power comes responsibility, and perpetuating the easiest and most overused descriptor of the commander-in-chief isn’t living up to that responsibility.

To be clear, I don’t mind making fun of Trump’s physical appearance—after all, he certainly doesn’t seem to have a problem with mocking the way others look—but I do mind lazy writing. There are better ways to roast him. So let the press be free, but also, let’s all do better. Let’s retire the Cheeto insult and challenge ourselves to truly stretch our imaginations, to dig further down into the well of insults for one of the most insultable men on the planet and see what we can find. There are plenty of presidential owns still waiting to be slung, and others long forgotten waiting to be resurfaced. For a start, here’s one:

And then they post a Tweet by Trump himself that states:

‘Amazing how the haters & losers keep tweeting the name “F**kface Von Clownstick” like they are so original & like no one else is doing it…’”

This backhanded, self-righteousness under the guise of constructive criticism is dumbfounding, because the media still believes that they can select whatever story they deem important. They try to hide it under the premise of their “prestigious journalistic credibility”. They do this, while actually running cover for the progressives in lieu of true journalism. It’s then up to the American People. We are responsible for sharing all of this information back and forth, as it ricochets throughout social media under the waves of their media sewage flow.

They continue to BANG that “Gorky Park Russian Hair metal gong” over and over on this Trump/Russia witch hunt, while completely ignoring the DNC House of Representative’s IT scandal of the Awan Brothers. A family who were able to read every single email, paid at the top tier of their pay range, and Debbie Wasserman Shultz was even going to keep one of the brothers on the payroll while he was high tailing it back to Pakistan.  And a part of that story, that’s not being focused on, the Car Dealership (Cars International A – LLC- C.I.A LLC), is a big deal. I don’t hear a lot of people talking about it, but it’s a money laundering scheme to the Middle East. They didn’t even have freaking cars. They borrowed some from nearby dealerships & borrowed capital from an Iraqi DR with ties to Hezbollah. Yeah, no biggie…Not to mention they borrowed money from a Congressional Credit Union to purchase homes to each other and profit off of the sales. Then, they wired those funds to Pakistan, which was why there was an arrest. Where is all that money going and why is it going over there? The Mainstream Media couldn’t care less! But, “Jared Kushner might have met with a Russian!” Oh my!

I remember when the media acted with unwavering scrutiny and vigorous attacks on every detail towards Presidents. They were very tough and vicious towards Ronald Reagan and George H Bush. Then, they went Gaga for Bill Clinton, with his saxophone and his suave knack for thick ankle, plus sized women. Then, the attacks resumed, as they focused laser like rage towards George W Bush. Dirty secret, don’t let there be a dispute over election results. The level of vitriol runs twice as deep with that puzzle piece added into the picture. And then, like the eye of a hurricane, they went on hiatus again for the entirety of the Obama Administration. It seems as though the cycle was that the Media took two siestas, with an awakening each time a Republican became the leader of the nation. They climbed into the hibernation cave for 8 years when a Democrat was manning the wheel. They only came alive long enough to toss out some fluffy, cotton candy cavity and stomachache inducing public relations pieces disguised as journalism. They didn’t even have the decency to add the hashtags at the bottom of the piece, which is the code for a Public Relations Release.

Now, the game has changed. People are ping ponging information on Social Media and bypassing traditional news.  It’s giving life to stories that the media is actively ignoring. Stories that the collective news industry is attempting to starve and dry out. This is what is fueling the continuing animosity between the public and the media. The failure to report real news and the ability for the public to share those who are willing doing so shows the news media’s sycophantic tendencies in real time each and every day. It’s affirmed and fortified towards a disaffected public that hated a biased media for decades. The public never dreamed they would have the ability and power to circumvent the media’s natural selection of news stories. Thanks to social media and a coalition of truth thirsty justice seekers, you have a stew of validation that fuels the general public’s anger. One unintended consequence of social media communication is the issuance of fake news outlets, click bait stories, and the rise of “Clickservative exploitation”. You now have to really take every media platform, and the stories that they’re pushing, with a giant block of salt.

Be aware, the bias of media isn’t simply on the Progressive leftist wing of the political aisle. The GOP primaries should have been an example as to how it resides on BOTH sides. To watch “BribeBart” issue story after story as the primaries began, attacking Rand Paul and Ted Cruz while never criticizing or attacking Trump was stunning. You find out later that Trump was paying them! And then, to watch Drudge personally attack actual conservatives for his Presidential preference was telling! The way Drudge crafted his homepage was always in favor of Trump over anyone else. And we all know that was where people went to view news, since he blew the stain off of the Clinton blue dress, no pun intended.

The Leftist progressive media is always biased. This isn’t a new phenomenon. It was just hidden under the mask of the three news networks and self-aggrandized newspapers decades ago. They couldn’t completely keep it under wraps. Phrases like, “Good Night and Good Luck” and Dan Rather’s “Courage” were indicators during a time of hidden disdain for individualism and conservatism. It’s even more apparent now that there is 24/7 news outlets and other accessible forums. They’ve resurrected this practice and fashioned phrases such as “Democracy Dies in Darkness”. It’s too bad that Ignorance also resides in darkness, as America is not a Democracy. It is a representative republic. And the Right leaning media has decided to play sides as well. So, you have to sharpen your ability to spot the spin. Learn how to pick out the code words and the way language is crafted by the media, in order to catch the feces as its being flung at you. It’s why I am able to turn on TRT World, the Turkish English News Network and even PressTV, the Iranian English News Network and find useful information buried within their propaganda that they’re peddling. Honing that skill allows you the ability to separate the propaganda from the true information that is useful. You’ll see stories that U.S. media will never cover. You’ll realize that the American media is playing a dramatic reality TV show, while the rest of the world is living a different life. We should all take a look out the American Window and see what’s on the other side of the fog that is the Mainstream News Media narratives.

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