The Clinton Method : Same Shite, Different Decade

Hillary Clinton claims now that the Benghazi reports have finally been issued, the final versions, that we need to “go ahead and move on” and “get this behind us”. This is the same lady that went to a wake for those killed in Benghazi and spoke with those parents who lost their adult children in that attack, saying it was a video that was responsible for the attack. She assured them that they were going to get to the bottom of it. This is the same lady who went back years later and insinuated that those same parents who were grieving even at this moment, were liars. And she use the same “vast right-wing conspiracy” tactics to vilify the investigation. She opened up and dusted off the Clinton Family Scandal Playbook, and went back to the tried-and-true methods of impugning and discrediting Trey Gowdy and the entire Benghazi investigation.

Here’s the Clinton Methodology:

First, calculate and criticize the amount of wasted time.

Next, calculate and criticize the amount of wasted tax money.

Then, they say “we need to move on” and “get back to focusing on the problems at hand”.

This is the method they’ve always used! When the Branch Davidians were in a standoff with the ATF and the FBI, President Bill Clinton (using the news media as its public relations department) employed the same tactics to gain the public’s support against them. Every single day that the news reported the standoff was a daily standoff count that was plastered on the TV screen of how many days accrued in the standoff. And every time they spoke of how long the standoff was taking, they made it a point to include the calculated amount of tax money that was being spent to prop up the standoff. And then when the place burned to the ground, they rushed through the final investigation to “get back to the work of the American people”.

When Bill Clinton was being investigated for lying under oath in Paula Jones case and his affair with Monica Lewinsky, the same approach was employed. When expending every smear tactic they had in their playbook towards Kenneth Starr’s investigation, they complained about how much time was being taken away from B.J. Clinton’s job as President and how much tax money was being spent to follow this so-called “witchhunt”. And after being thoroughly annoyed by the situation at hand, President Bill Clinton said he needs to “get back to doing the work of the American people”

To know that the Benghazi attacks were going to occur as they issued an apology in Cairo before the attack should anger us all. The fact that security at the consulate was basically nonexistent should be extremely troubling to every citizen of the United States. To know that they blamed it on a video that was never even viewed by anyone in Libya, let alone anyone in the Middle East, should piss off everyone in the United States. The Federal level of Government was designed to protect its people domestically or abroad. They allowed these deaths to happen, lied about the reasoning for it, and covered it up on every level possible. And with Operation Zero Footprint looming in the distance, where weapons were being run through the Libyan consulate to Syria, especially now with ISIS being the biggest terrorist threat of our lifetime (ask residents in Orlando and citizens of Istanbul), The American people should be so mad that they would be stopping the White House grounds with flaming torches and pitchforks.

Unfortunately they’re not.

With this scandal, along with the elitist, emboldened attitude of being able to use your own server to conduct high-level government business SOLEY so your financial gain from countries that of been sanctioned by the United States can line your pockets (while being completely illegal at the same time) is treasonous! You couple this with Obama’s White House using the Internal Revenue Service as a means of destroying political opposition by sending their nonprofit fundraising organizations status to application purgatory, should be enough to scare the American people completely. Then, you pepper it all with the NSA being used as a wide net to eavesdrop on the citizenry (after railing on the previous administration’s creation of the Patriot Act) while pushing for Government controls over the Internet using Net Neutrality, Americans should be severely alarmed…

But again unfortunately they’re not.


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