The “Spiritual Totalitarianism” – Our Representative Republic


There is an innate desire embedded within the fabric of humanity. It is based upon a natural desire for guidance. There is a will within human beings to be provided with structure and guidance. A sense of security is found in this type of guidance. The yearning guidance facilitates it’s emergence through the seeking of leadership. And leadership resides in many places. It’s found in every facet of our existence.

You can witness leadership in action within the family unit, the workplace, and from our government. Leadership is also evident in divinity and spirituality. There are many different forms and styles of leadership. Some forms derive from motivational perspectives based upon rational thought. Others are simply formed out of our barbaric nature. Regardless of style, a yearning for leadership is ingrained in the heart of all beings and can illustrate the differences between the Progressive and Conservative political viewpoints.

Totalitarianism is the leadership style that seems to have been “norm” for the majority of the globe. It has been that way since the beginning of time. Most every nation’s governmental structure is built upon some flavor and form of dictatorship, usually consisting of a solitary leader or ruling class. Many of these nations’ historical accounts consist of centuries of a type of totalitarian leadership form. In turn, most citizens of these totalitarian nations are subservient to their leaders, as this way of life is all they’ve known. The problem lies with the leaders at the top. Being humans, with a sinful nature, these rulers or elite ruling class groups will not govern towards the will of the people. They will typically pursue their own self-interest. The will of the citizens is an afterthought and any benefit, whether it be small or marginal, will be a byproduct of selfish pursuits. So while pursuing self-interest, by default they will serve to some degree, their view of what actually is “the will of the citizens”.

The totalitarian leader doesn’t typically view a higher authority above and beyond themselves. While pursing self-interest, they allow greed and other human desires to grow and influence without conscience. Neglect of the people will ultimately occur. Complete suppression and even torture of the people will be employed and are meant to solidify the ruler’s role as totalitarian leader to ensure decades of power.

Ultimately, man without any regard for moral authority, is completely dangerous to the people they govern. Unfortunately, this is the root of Progressivism. The Progressive sees themselves as being born with the talent and birthright to guide all of the citizens due to their superior intellect. This explains their lack of faith in a higher power. It also explains their arrogant desire to eliminate themselves from being held to an equal and similar standard as every other citizen in a nation.

In contrast, we must take a look at the development and makeup of how our nation was born. Many will say we live in a Democracy. Many will recognize that we actually live in a Representative Republic. But, I ascertain, that the American design of Governance is actually a form of “Spiritual Totalitarianism.” God is the ruler of our elected officials. Decisions and actions of those who we’ve elected into office are to be governed upon their “Fear of God” and respect for their creator. Our elected leader is nothing more than an executor-executing the laws provided by the lawmakers of the country, Congress. Our Lawmakers are nothing more than a collection of representatives and senators that spar in a process that consists of SO MUCH gridlock (by design) that they are only allowed to submit logical legislative solutions. This is the cornerstone upon which the Founders based the construction of this new form of Government. But ultimately, the leader is GOD! Decisions are based on those principles. It’s not a topless form of government, because those close to the top were seeking God’s countenance to instruct their path of service “to the will of the people.” They were allowing God to be the ultimate ruler and placed themselves as servants of God and their constituents. This is where Conservatism resides.

Conservatism sees God’s role as ruler and acknowledges its adherence to Godly principles. They do not view themselves above anyone else, but see that everyone be given equal CHANCE to succeed. Whether or not success is initiated or attempted by an individual is that individual’s choice.

As the views of the role of our leadership change in many areas of culture, we must realize the root of our governmental design. The fundamentals of its founding and composition are crucial to maintaining its integrity. Certainly, a separation of an established style of religion as mandated by the government is necessary in allowing us to remain the free society. The founders escaped a government ruled by a national religion and focused on the importance of its separation. But, a severing of God and our leaders should never be enacted. Doing so opens the door for corruption, lawlessness, and facilitates a quenching of thirst for unbridled power. Just as the design of a system of checks and balances is employed to maintain the integrity of each branch and area of power, we must have a moral authority as well. God must be in charge to keep a system of checks and balances between our duties and actions as elected servants and our overall self-interest. These “spiritual ethics” are what should govern us individually, which ultimately leads to effective governance collectively.


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