I’m No Longer A Capitalist. I Now Identify As A “Free Marketer”

I’ve realized that Capitalism is a dead term. It’s akin to the way the label “conservative”, or identifying yourself as such, has lost its luster. Many of those proclaiming their conservatism are actually a millions of miles away from the embodiment of the true definition of the word. They feel that simply voting for a particular party’s candidate automatically makes you a Conservative. These same individuals will cry for a government solution to cultural or economic problems, which is in no way a conservative principle. Many will question my premise by asking, “Well then, what do you believe Conservatism means?” The meaning of Conservatism is in how we view the way we want government in our lives to work together. Are we trying to conserve constitutionality? Are we trying to conserve founding principles? Are we trying to conserve the natural rights afforded to us by our creator? Do we believe a codified document, that is the fundamental foundation of our nation, was drafted to shield those natural rights from our human nature to infringe upon them due to our own selfish, sinful desires? If we believe so and answer “yes”, then we would be considered a Conservative. Many candidates who run in election primaries in order to become the nominee of a party claim that they’re conservative, they eventually violate those questions fielded earlier. In turn, they’ve overused the term and tarnished it. Which is why I’ve decided to no longer call myself a “Conservative.” These days, I identify as a “Constitutionalist”.

The same can be said for Capitalism. The idea of capitalism, or of being a Capitalist, has been misconstrued. It’s an abused term. It’s been stripped of its meaning. The entire social media attack of YouTube demonetizing someone like Steven Crowder, under the guise of “banning White Supremacy and Neo-Nazis” was just one example of this phenomenon. For a “journalist” of a Marxist publication like VOX (which is owned by NBC Universal, I might add) to be able to pull the puppet strings of a giant social media platform, in order to destroy others with which they disagree, is unnerving. This is actually the Marxist’s view government. They want to selectively choose with whom they should ostracize. They will justify the economic destruction of a dissenter as “hate speech.” It’s also the reason they should never be given the reins of power. The ability to use power to pick and choose who is allowed liberty and freedom, regardless if we use that freedom to make an ass out of ourselves, isn’t something that should ever be encouraged. Unless it’s physical violence or harm, it’s a dangerous precedent. Who gets to be the arbiter of who should be stripped of their freedom or liberty? With the leftist media continually redefining what offends them and urging the Tech sector to step in on their behalf, we are now being penalized for the principles we hold dear. Because now, it’s the principles that offend them. There are simple ways to handle this without coaxing a business to attack its customer base. How about, “You get the freedom to be an utter prick and we can respond by not associating with you?” I can support that standard. It handles itself. But the Social Media fascism is just one example. The other part of the story of Steven Crowder was the elimination of the ability to sell his merchandise. Upon the news of YouTube’s actions, Shopify removed his merchandise store from its platform. The goal is to economically oust anyone with a contrarian view.

We’ve always assumed that those who engaged in capitalism would advocate to continue it, so that they may continue to succeed. We didn’t expect them to exploit it and then wreck it. We marveled at the innovations and other fruits of capitalism, while the left was scheming was to infiltrate it and crafting was it could weaponized against us. That’s the crux of the issues with the upcoming world of advanced artificial intelligence. It doesn’t matter what the vehicle is, if there’s something culturally popular in an organic way the Progressives will find a way to infect it and use it against conservatives. They’ve done this with Social media and Tech, like Google and Facebook. They’ve been doing this with Netflix and Spotify. But its anything and everything they can exploit that’s in their cross hairs. The business of sports, like Major League Football, are targets. I remember when they did this with Television, like Comedy Central. More specifically The Daily Show. It began as just a show that mocked the news and pulled pranks on people to make funny news story skits. Then, Craig Kilborn left, and Jon Stewart joined the show. Its popularity soared in the early 2000’s. The ratings eclipsed the ratings of almost every Cable News outlet’s shows. And their show was actual Fake News. I remember National News Anchors swooning over the show. It was constantly touted by the journalists on every level, even though the show mocked their very industry. Then, something happened. Jon Stewart began to fall into pushing the media narratives. He was always a progressive, but it was if he realized his influence on the culture with his position. He began to exploit that position, politically. The show lost its humor to a degree. He eventually left the show years later and it fully realized its propaganda potential under Trevor Noah. Now, The Daily Show is completely unwatchable. And there in is the cycle to which they employ. They don’t really care if they leave a shell of what was once great in their wake. They only care that they were able to exploit wherever anyone was gathering to use it as a way to indoctrinate. And Capitalist ventures are now more than willing to oblige.

The only business sector they were unsuccessful in attempting this methodology was AM Radio and 24/7 Cable News. AM Radio was an archaic, dead animal. A lone conservative voice revived it and made it flourish. They attempted to replicate this success with the failed Air America. It was disastrous. In the example of 24/7 Cable News, they owned that model. They started it and multiplied within it. But then, a conservative outlet arrived. And it crushed them in the ratings from the start and hasn’t ever let up.

The businesses want the security of government to avoid failure. They want government to eliminate their competition for them. They also want government to be there for the financial bailout if they collapse. When we look at what Bank of America is now touting as a new policy for their business, its right in line with this idea.

From CNN:

Bank of America will end its association with companies that provide prisoner and immigrant detention services at both the state and federal levels. The move comes amid growing public concern about the nation’s border policies.

Remember that Bank of America was bailed out in the financial crash of 2008 with your tax money. They understand that the government will bail them out. So, taking polarizing political stances are no longer risky once a government backed safety net is provided. It’s why I believe the News business is so enamored with government. They want to become like the BBC. If you can’t produce ratings, with government support, it doesn’t matter. You can produce whatever propaganda you wish, without performance measures to dictate whether it should even be produced in the first place. Other sectors want to exploit government power to regulate competitors out of the market or to make the barriers to entry so difficult, no one new would be able to become a threat. Eventually, we become a Chinese styled economy. Capitalism on the outside, totalitarian state owned or coerced on the inside.

It’s because of this phenomenon that I now, I identify as a “Free Marketer.” I want competition across the board, with minimal government involvement. They’ll exist to protect the homeland, provide constitutional functions, and occasionally mediate situations where business violates laws, such as becoming a monopoly that no one can physically pierce. Unfortunately, the pendulum is swinging in favor of corporate socialism. They will carry the pet, special interest causes and if you don’t comply or endorse them, they’ll shove you out of the marketplace. You won’t even need a government implementation of socialism at that point. Corporations will economically implement it at that point. Thankfully, a “free market’ (even with it being weighed down in regulations) is still in play at this point. This will allow some enterprising entrepreneur to meet this new market demand. If they can capitalize on businesses losing customers for ousting those who don’t politically align with them, they can meet the needs of the demand and capitalize on it handsomely.


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