Global Warming: Welcome To Los Angeles Bay

Environmentalists are extremely petrified. They feel the apocalypse is on the horizon. Somehow, America is pushing the Earth into an uninhabitable state in about 12 years. Seems a bit, overzealous. So, to illustrate how ridiculous this is, Scott Carney issues an insane future depiction of California underwater. Who is Scott Carney? We’re not sure. He’s supposedly an author and a journalist. He has a blue check mark on Twitter, so that MUST mean he’s someone important or “special”. At least he has a sense of humor, with areas underwater such as Ex-Lax and “The O Sea”. Even in perfect proximity too!

Let’s swim in his fear mongering post:

In his assertion, Los Angeles is basically submerged. Ole’ Scotty seems disturbed by all of this. Maybe he lives there? But those in the Twittersphere seem to have a different opinion.

Apparently, Scotty believes we’re all “bots”.


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