OPINION – Until The Left Decides They Will Quit Publicly Defiling American Traditions, They Will Lose Elections

The Miss America Pageant has decided they are doing away with the Swimsuit competition…and viewership. It’s…a…beauty…pageant. They want to steer away from judging on appearance. Again, it’s…a…beauty…pageant. So now, if you have a face that looks like you’ve tried to put out a Sonoma valley wildfire with a bottle of Shiraz and a screwdriver, you too can walk the stage to the tune of “Here she is! Miss America!” Speaking of fires, I hear Social Media is currently being flooded with videos of tiara’s burning by former winners because of this stupidity.

And this is where we are today. Where businesses that were so insulated from failure, “No Brainers” like the NFL (which COULD NOT LOSE) are consuming themselves. It’s as though they are those foreign tourists at an Orlando theme park, pushing and shoving their way to the entrance of utter collapse. Miss America, an institution forever in our culture, is being dismantled. It’s being ripped apart through virtue signaling, PC culture, leftist third wave feminism. Basically, everything the Progressives touch dissolves like being hit with scalding hot Hawaii lava. They ruin everything! “Let’s litter football with awareness and anti-American kneeling”. “Let’s take the swimsuits out of the beauty pageant!” BRILLIANT! “Disney needs a princess that had an abortion”. When does Elsa come out of the closet as a lesbian?” “We need to let girls join the Boy Scouts of America!” Oh, and pass out condoms at the Boy Scout Jamboree!” That will go over well in a Pup Tent! “Let’s make a Star Wars hero like Lando Calrissian a pansexual in search of his robots clitoris” – Lando WASN’T A PANSEXUAL! He was a player! Lando was pouring 40oz of Colt 45 all over the hoe’s he had around him in Cloud City!

The left has to place its toxic tentacles on the essence of men – Masculinity. Colleges like Hobart and Williams having workshops about how Masculinity is “problematic for Men and Women”. I’m thinking of going down to Hobart & Williams College myself, covered in motor oil, gargling bourbon, and smoking a cigar with my shirt off. And I WILL hold the door open for every female going to the anti-masculinity workshop. I will descend upon campus with both an 84 Iroc Camero and an El Camino, like I’m waterskiing with beat down muscle cars. And I WILL be bringing my Hawaiian Tropic Swimsuit Models Calendar along with me too, blaring Boston tunes as I arrive. I will have a Mullet Haircut! A Kentucky Waterfall! “Short in front for mom…long in back for the ladies!”

Again, the left destroys everything it touches. It’s what I’ve always said: Progressives are nothing more than that annoying salesman at the kiosk at the mall, peddling the perfume or that stupid head massager. They will chase you into stores and areas you run to in order to avoid them. Why am I hanging out in Wet Seal? Because some idiot was tapping me on the shoulder and chasing me with cries of “toxic masculinity” and “death to the patriarchy!” Hell, they’re teaching your 5 year old in schools the crimes of masculinity, according to Campus Reform. So, when you walk into a football stadium, they will chase you into the rows of seats you paid good money for while disrespecting the nation you love. They will desecrate the respect for law enforcement officers, who are in attendance protecting them as they endure charges of racism and violent thuggery.

So what do we do? We turn it off. We walk away. I started watching a ton of baseball, especially now that my son is into it and doing well playing the sport. It was so refreshing to watch a game and not have one thought of, “Oh, here comes the political crap again”. So, do away with the Swimsuits on the Miss America pageant, you’ll turn everyone off as well. What stupid business sense does it make to assassinate your Core Competencies? But, the cause of indoctrination of progressivism is so important that they must sacrifice ratings, revenue, and branding at its altar.

Anything that stands to enshrine the Norman Rockwell version of America must be defiled, and it must be done so publically. It’s like a Batman Signal for their side. “Hey, look what we did! We placed an Ad showing Maryland’s Gubernatorial candidate Rich Madaleno making out with his Husband on “Fox and Friends” in order to “piss off Trump. Kudos to us!” Never mind the fact that Trump had the homosexual CEO of Paypal, Peter Thiel, as one of the executive committee members of the Presidential transition team. But, whatever – We’ve got a NARRATIVE to maintain here, guys! And the Talking Points Memo’s headline for it was “Muah! Dem Hopes to piss off Trump with as, runs it on ‘Fox and Friends.’” That’s how they operate. Like ripping off a Female’s shirt on the most watched entertainment portion of the most watched sporting event of the year. Why not have an extremely controversial female musical artist make out with two other female artists on stage at an awards show. Maybe even have one of them give birth to a golden egg while singing their hit single. Let’s have a boy making about with an adult male in a movie and give it an Oscar. Because, screw you Christian prudes! We’re going to assault your spaces with our beliefs and lifestyles until you acquiesce to our demands for your need to be tolerant. Accept our demands, now, you intolerant hateful people who worship a sky-cloud man! Do it NOW!

How…tolerant of them. The oddest part to all of this is that many of us couldn’t care less about some of the things they feel will make us uncomfortable. It’s like watching someone perform the most outdated acrobatic trick in order unsettle us, while we watch on, yawning with boredom. “Is that all you’ve got? Please…come back when you have something substantial.”

But, they are continually outraged. It’s why we have to have Google release new emoji’s that are “more inclusive”. I read this in The Wrap.

The tech giant is set to launch a “more inclusive” salad icon, according to Google engineer Jennifer Daniel, who tweeted out a look at the new emoji on Wednesday. The eggless salad — making the emoji “a more inclusive vegan salad,” Daniel says — is one of more than 100 new and updated emojis available on the latest Android P beta.

“There’s big talk about inclusion and diversity at Google so if you need any evidence of Google is making this priority may I direct your attention to the [salad] emoji,” tweeted Daniel. ‘We’ve removed the egg in Android P beta 2, making this a more inclusive vegan salad.”

Google and Daniel have not responded to TheWrap’s request for comment on the company’s move towards “more inclusive” emojis.

The new, genteel Google didn’t sit well with several twitter users, though, including prominent conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

“This is how you got Trump,” tweeted Shapiro, while sharing Daniel’s tweet.

And Ben is completely correct. Tech companies had to change the Gun emoji into a green water gun, and now google has to extract the egg from the salad to appease the rage of the “Cuisine Nazi’s” of the Vegan coalition. People are tired of the constant barrage of stupidity, in the name of inclusiveness. So much so that they sent a guy who couldn’t care less about demeanor to DC. And we get to watch him pardon tons of controversial dead people and watch the media’s heads explode. We get to see him meet with their cultural icons and we get to watch them throw temper tantrums and hissy fits. He will continue to troll the likes of Justin Trudeau on Twitter to the dismay of the Mainstream Media. And America sits back, big bag of popcorn in one hand while sipping on a soda, as we watch him move embassies, cut taxes, and widen the ability for veterans to use private healthcare. All of this is being done under the whining of the progressive left and the shedding of the media’s tears. It’s actually been quite the sight to see.
But it is what gave us “Trumpism”. In the political arena, our own side was telling us they were being deployed to restore order to the insanity, and when they arrive, they join them in the chaos against us. So the voters commissioned the bull in the China Shop.
I know people always get tired of hearing people say “well this is how you got Trump”. But this is basically why people voted the way that they did. They thought Hillary was the nail in the coffin. When you have the things about America that we love and you “George Lucas” them, by taking institutions and throwing a “Jar Jar Binks” into them, you get angry people that just want to send a battering ram into DC. That’s why it makes a difference when Donald Trump says “we are going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again at Christmas time!” It’s because that’s the “Jar Jar blinking” of our holidays, traditions and cultural past times. I’m not endorsing all of it, although I have loved some of the after affects. But the people have spoken, as they always say after an election. And if the Democrats don’t figure this out soon, it’s how they will lose in the midterm elections as well.

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