Political Ad Portraying GOP Voters Hunting Minority Children Endorsed By Democrat Candidate

As one of the few elections in the nation is coming down the pike, the Virginia Governor’s Race is more than heating up. Some would say that it’s racing down the road, in a Black Pickup with a Confederate Flag that’s chasing minorities. And that “someone” would be Ralph Northam, Democratic candidate for governor. Although he doesn’t admit to doing so.

A Political Super PAC called Latino Victory Fund issued a political attack Ad against the Ed Gillespie Campaign. Due to Donald Trump’s endorsement of Ed Gillespie, they’ve attempted to box him into the predictable “White Supremacist” corner. With the recent incidents in Charlottesville, VA this past summer revolving around the AltRight and Antifa vigilantes, this seems to be the angle they wished to take.

Of course, anyone familiar with Ed Gillespie knows he’s far from a White Supremacist redneck racist. The despicable nature of this Ad displays just how far the depths of unethical and vile levels can be and just how low the Democrats are willing to dive. When asked about the Ad with WAVY-TV 10, Mr. Northam denied having involvement with the disgusting attack.

Only, the numbers tell a different story. Again, follow the money. That’s what a syndicated columnist, Phil Kerpen, did. And he found information to indicate information to the contrary.

Keep all of this information in mind, if you reside in Virginia on November 7th.


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