I #TakeTheKnee…to Creeping Progressivism

We don’t have to watch your football game. We don’t have to sit through your painful awards shows. I can #TakeTheKnee towards your crap. I can #TakeTheKnee to your movies that are filled with propaganda. I can #TakeAKnee to your silly network sitcoms that pound me with liberalism. I can #TakeAKnee to your horrible pop music, which is filled with drivel and mindless garbage that is used as a platform to spew Progressivism. Force feeding everyone progressive platforms, such as Black Panther Anti-American halftime shows by Beyoncé. Yeah, I #TakeAKnee to THAT bull shite. I #TakeAKnee to taking my son to see a movie about freaking “Monster Trucks”, only to see it was about global warming, climate change, and evil oil companies. I #TakeAKnee to your TV shows w/a token homosexuals and littered with crap thrown in front of my kids’ faces at 8pm, as soon as Jeopardy wraps up. I #TakeAKnee to your universities of indoctrination, where butthurt kids can’t accept opposing viewpoints! I #TakeAKnee to all of that. I #TakeAKnee to your Corporate Philanthropy of regular business we use day to day, that we find are supporting Progressive causes and agendas. I #TakeAKnee to your overregulation, your over taxation. I #TakeAKnee to you taxing freaking soft drinks, but subsidizing slothfulness, via a soft depression. Where the government makes you comfortably unemployed and removes the stigma for being assisted through welfare handouts. I #TakeAKnee to that! I #TakeAKnee to those same politicians weaponizing their power in order to destroy opposing views, like Obama weaponizing his Executive Offices. I #TakeAKnee to using the EPA to attack a guitar company over its views of limited government. I #TakeAKnee to using the IRS to shelve nonprofit organizations who seek nonprofit status in order to be politically active, simply because they don’t agree with the party that oversees this bureaucracy.

Realize saying Trump is a White Supremacist would’ve been applied to a Pres. Cruz or Kasich. Media vilification, I #TakeAKnee to that. I #TakeAKnee to how the media attacked Reagan and George H. Bush, swooned over Bill Clinton, attacked George W Bush, swooned over Obama, and now attacks Trump. See a pattern here? I #TakeAKnee to that pattern. I #TakeAKnee that the Media is SO one sided, to the point of sabotaging Vietnam and Iraq wars for political gain. I #TakeAKnee to the fact that Progressive Presidents gave North Korea and Iran Nuclear Capabilities, and then they blast GOP presidents for standing their ground.

I #TakeAKnee to the realization that when I walk in my home with takeout dinner to my wife watching an episode of Undercover Boss on the OWN network, that it’s going to be about a gay couple’s business with transgendered servers that they hire. I don’t care who you sleep with, who you’re attracted too, if you want to switch genders. I #TakeAKnee to the normalization and exploitation by the media. I’ve worked with plenty of gay people and they’ve been some of my greatest friends. But I #TakeAKnee to the exploitation by the progressive left over them. I #TakeAKnee that a Supreme Court decision could define something that ISN’T EVEN COVERED IN IT. Marriage was not in the Constitution. I #TakeAKnee to the stupidity of #Antifa and how those justify their vigilante violence as some form of public service. Excuse me, but screw you, #Antifa.

I decided to #TakeAKnee to the NFL and take a seat at the Beach in late September. I #TakeAKnee to winter. Screw you, cold temperatures! I #TakeAKnee over your Soy Latte. I #TakeAKnee over your Free Range Chicken, which isn’t Free Range as Whole Foods found out. I #TakeAKnee over your 37 trash receptacles, for composting and recycling. I #TakeAKnee to your “organic” vegi-burgers, that aren’t organic at ALL and when NASCAR finally #TakesAKnee, I’ll #TakeAKnee and Tap out from culture altogether. You want to see Capitalism at work? You want to see free market forces at work in real time? #TakeTheKnee will push your audience away. A company has a culture. If its culture is to support Anti-American one finger salutes like #TakeTheKnee, I’ll watch little league. I’ll be the creepy guy watching a little league game with no child on the team. But six year olds are now taking the knee, so I’ll have to #TakeAKnee to that as well. Tim Tebow thanks the Lord for his successes & #TakeAKnee , NFL tells him the stop. Now they support #TakeTheKnee. I say #TakeAKnee to them. Maybe they can prtotest by putting a sticker on their helmet. Oh, that’s right. The NFL won’t allow that to happen. Why not wear something on your jersey to protest? Yeah, the NFL won’t let you do that either. But the NFL will allow you to disrespect the nation that allows someone born into poverty to become a wealthy famous minority millionaire for simply playing a game where you throw a ball around. They #TakeAKnee to the only country that will allow that to happen. I #TakeAKnee to the NFL for allowing Progressive ideology infect our escapism. I #TakeAKnee to the encroachment of progressivism, which chases you around like an annoying mall kiosk salesperson following you into stores as you try to avoid interacting with them. I #TakeAKnee over Progressive Liberalism that advocates government control over every aspect of your life when I want to chart my own destiny.


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