The Leftwing Tastemakers Kill Off Another President. This Time, It’s Donald Trump

The Liberal Left-wing, Social Justice Warriors continually arise from their “Safe Spaces” to lecture and excoriate. They attack us, and everyone who doesn’t subscribe to their toxic ideology, at every opportunity. They create campaigns against bullying, while they boycott dissenting opinions out of existence. They’ve even threatened Insurance and Financial Companies with boycotts over advertising on platforms with differing viewpoints. They preach tolerance, while they force the opposite sex into your restrooms. And if you don’t adhere to their “tolerance”, they will pull college sporting events from your State. Your State’s Legislature must comply with passing their insane legislation, or else…in a tolerant tone, of course.  They shout that “love wins”, while acting out with actual violence against others who hold opposing viewpoints on college campuses and at rallies. So, it should come as no surprise that the decorum they demand of us towards their stalwarts is not to be applied to those of which they don’t agree.

The Twittersphere exploded Tuesday with pictures of a Liberal Jihad. In a photo that would have been mistaken as a clip from an ISIS propaganda movie relegated to Live Leak due to its content, Kathy Griffin is shown holding the bloody, decapitated head of the President of the United States. The comedian (and that’s to be debated) was looking to make waves. More correctly, she was looking for attention and a career “bump”.  She definitely succeeded in the attention department. I’m not so sure about the “career bump”, though.  Apparently, she said during the photo shoot that they would need to move to Mexico afterwards, due to the outrage that the photo would cause. They didn’t need to take a disgusting photo for all of us to be happy that they would’ve relocated to Mexico.

But, this isn’t the first time Liberals lowered themselves to the level of depravity. They’ve engaged in  violent depictions of killing a president for simply being from the GOP before. I’m not even talking about the anarchist style rage from hardcore music groups like Suicidal Tendencies, singing about shooting Ronald Reagan and The Pope in the 80’s. Many in the mainstream encouraged violence towards politicians they despised. Remember ‘Death of a President,’ a movie about assassinating George W. Bush? This is something that the right never engaged in towards to Obama. In fact, any movement towards this type of mockery was dealt with by a warning tone. You were never to act in that manner, or you were considered a racist. During Obama’s long eight year term, you could not even have a Rodeo Clown wear an Obama mask without the deafening calls of racism. A Rodeo Clown donned the mask of the head of Obama, which was placed on a broom stick during the rodeo as a voice over the loudspeaker saying, “We’re going to stomp Obama now!” That was the extent to which “inappropriate mocking” extended towards the Progressive’s Prince. But they pretend and hide under the auspice of terminology called “art”. Much like placing a crucifix in a jar of urine to mock Christianity and saying it’s protected as “art”, they will do the same with defaming the Leader of the Free World.

But that’s the Democrats…the Marxists, the Socialists. You do not dare engage in “hateful” activities. You leave that to them. Their hypocrisy is truly unbelievable.  The progressive leftists pretend to be cut from a higher cloth of morality, when they are corrupt on every level possible. Even down to using campaign funds to purchase expensive Super Bowl tickets, as Shelia Jackson Lee did this year.

As with many Progressive, Liberal taste-makers -Hollywood Stars, Music Entertainers,  trendy “woke” websites, the mockery of the most gutter levels of class will be allowable without reprisal. We advocates of individual responsibility will be lectured to yet again. We’ll be branded with a barrage of fabricated “racism, sexism, homophobic, islamophobic, whatever-a-phobic-ism” they’ll dump upon us in order to silence our arguments, as they ride their high horse of hypocracy into an admonished sunset.

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